Hairston…Hairston…Hairston or can I call you..I would but you’d have to answer the phone!

A new article on the main reds website brings up that Jerry Hairston Jr., Rocco Baldelli and Willy Taveras are all leading candidates to be in the Reds outfield.  The article goes on that where the obvious pick would be Hairston, the guy Hasn’t returned the phone calls! I’m sorry Jerry, what do you think you have out there that isn’t happening with the Reds?  As far as our front office, I have to say WTF are you doing looking at these other guys?

Look at the Cards:
Jerry Hairston Jr
Jerry Hairston Jr.jpg
Batting: 326 (leader of the 3, and we need bats bad)
HR: 6 (again still leading the 3)
RBI: 36 (again….still leading the 3, he can hold it up under pressure)
SB: 15 (ok, he comes in 2nd.  Taveras gets this one in spades…I’ll give him this one)

Rocco Baldelli
Rocco Baldelli.jpg

Batting: 263 (Not bad considering all he’s went through)
HR: 4 (We’re looking for a hitter, this isn’t a hitter’s number)
RBI: 13 (what is this?)
SB: 0  (That’s right nada)

So what are we doing here?  We want someone who’s seen a World Series is that it?  I’m sure he’ll get better, but we’re not in a position to wait and see.  We’ve been waiting since the 90’s!

Willy Taveras
Willy Taveras.jpg
Batting: 251 (Too low)
HR: 1 (I think anyone we pick up is going to beat this number)
RBI: 26 (Good, but not the greatest)
SB: 68 (Now that’s a we need a base stealer, you bet.  Do we need that guy to be an outfielder.  You know that place you put your sluggers…no……Unless it’s center field, but we’ve got a few guys already on the bench for that position don’t we?)

So say Hairston comes to the table with some huge number that the Reds simply won’t pay (and yes the word is won’t, not can’t) where do I think we should go?  Well of these 3 Willy’s on deck.  If we did this it would mean some more restructuring of the team to really look for the constant hitters to put in front of him so that we can use that speed.  This is something we don’t have now in my opinion so that would increase our ever growing statement of “This is going to be a year of rebuilding” that I hate sooo much.

Tell me what you think…I think I’m going to write Walt an email that says “pay the man..”


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