Baseball And Amateur Photography Was Made For Each Other

Last year while visiting the ball park I noticed a change.  You had the regular guy who obviously loves baseball, the guy who won tickets in a office raffle and really has no idea why he’s there other than to be supportive of the company plan, the family of six who some how, some way thinks it’s okay to bring 3 four year olds to a game, the retired, the season ticket holders and their family,, and the list goes on.  The change is that I saw that in each of these groups one of them was nominated group photographer.

Which then set off a memory of all those world series pictures (which I tried to find one for this article, but no one seems to have) of the hundreds of flash blubs going off around the batter just as the game begins.  As I continued to look around cameras were everywhere, from low end point and click to men and women carrying around enough equipment that made me think that they were taking care of a child!

When thinking about it further I guess this would add another level of enjoyment to game for those spouses that weren’t particularly into baseball but want to go and be supportive.  Or maybe it’s just another real way to enjoy the game, trying to catch that photo of the center fielder as he jumps to rob a home run or that crucial play at third.

Share your expeiences with amatuer photpgraphy at ball park, are you a fan?



  1. Kaybee

    I LOVE taking pictures at the ballpark! It’s pretty amazing to look back on the memories through pictures. Last year, I tried to get a lot of pictures of pitchers in motion, and I got a bunch of good ones. I love zoom! It is really cool to get your own up-close pictures of the players on the field.

    • rosehof14

      That’s my girlfriends favorite part too is to get the pitcher in motion shots, she got a better camera and lens for Christmas so I’m can bet she’s already looking forward to seeing what she can do at the ball park.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jane Heller

    My husband’s a professional photographer, so when he brings his camera to a game it’s a big deal. Lighting has to be just so. The whole deal. Which is why I never take pix at a game. I like being in the moment and observing everything without any “equipment.” When A-Rod was going for home run #500 in 2007, everybody had their cameras out for every pitch. Not me.

    • rosehof14

      Now the question comes, did you not have a camera out because you knew your hubby was going to capture the moment or that because the moment was so pure that you didn’t want to ruin it with fumbling around with a camera?

      Part of me loves the idea of brining a camera to the game, the other part of me wants to just enjoy the game.

    • rosehof14

      i have tons of pictures from my I phone that I should probably start loading, but just haven’t gotten around to.

      And Jeff, I’m backing the Tigers waaay before I’ll ever root for the Cards so you sir are my favorite of Red state Blue State.

      Thanks for commenting,

  3. mlbmark

    Welcome to MLBlogs!

    And yes, the more people who take pics the better, as you can upload them on these days and do all kind of cool personalization/team logo stuff with them. And, of course, you can post your pics on MLBlogs!


    • rosehof14

      You bet Mark! There will be tons of pics from the ball park making it to this blog come spring time. Thanks for the welcome, and I hope to bring more and more light to Reds on MLB Blogs!

      Thanks again,

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