Cardinals Vs Dodgers Post Season Game 1

It’s only fitting I get to move over to this game and start watching when Manny comes up to bat.

Kemp just hit a homer just seconds before to pull the Dodgers 2 to 1.

I don’t know who I’m rooting for this game.  Dodgers or Cardinals.  What I have seen from the 3 post season games thus far is everyone is playing real loose.  Fielders are missing catches, pitchers are throwing everywhere including the strike zone.

Chris Carpenter is giving the Dodgers pleanty of room to catdh up that’s for sure.

DeRosa takes out the Dodger first baseman with a head first slide.  You don’t see to much
Rose V Fosse.jpg
contact in baseball anymore.  The days of Pete Rose running over catchers really doesn’t happen anymore.  Which I guess is good and bad.  I’m always looking for ways to close the gap between baseball fans and football fans.


The annoucers are talking about Manny’s BP, I have to admit I didn’t know Don Mattingly was the Dodger’s hitting coach.  Man what a place to retire, well from playing that is.  You go in teach rookies how to hit, and then sit on the beach.

Bottom of the 3rd with runners at the corners.

Going back to what I was talking about before about being too loose De Rossa just threw a ball straight to the right fielder…not good. Amazingly they are not counting that as an error.  Someone will have to explain that to me someday, but it allowed the Dodgers to score.

The annoucers are commenting on the crowd, I have to admit I’d love to live in a real baseball town.  One where you can actually find bars named after your team and you don’t have to look far for a fan.  Indy doesn’t have it, barely has it for the Colts which is the pride of the city.

Bringing ourselves to the top of the 4th..

I don’t think I have seen the word BUNT…I’m Going to BUNT…REALLY from Chris Carpenter.  But he does his job and advances a runner, I guess that’s what pitchers do when they bat.

So what is the time allotment for a mound visit?  Is it up to the ump?

Beach balls at a baseball game really?  I know they have Dodger beach out there, but isn’t that kind of silly?

I know my thoughts are going random here, so off to twitter I’ll go.

Watching threads go by on Twitter (you can follow me at Brendan Ryan does have the 70’s porn stache of all time.  How does someone let him out of the house with that?

Dodger have now managed to load up the bases with a lucky bounce to the pitcher to close out this part of the inning.

I’m watching Manny warm up, he’s not had a rough game thus far so how does his helmet already have dirt, mud,dents,etc on it?  Is that that something he just wants?  With one swing he crushes it down the third base line lining the Dodgers up to score again with runners at 2nd and 3rd.  They have been talking about what type of player was Manny going to be in this series.  The leader or the whimp, so far I’d still say it’s undecided, but looking better.

Bases are loaded…and I hear Nickleback playing



 So you would think this must end with the Dodgers scoring, but it doesn’t.




Top  of 5

and well with no real hit support and a dumb move to let the pitcher hit when there really isn’t a reason to as they’ll be pulling him this next inning (predicting this now) to only strike out.

The Cards are sticking with Carpenter with only one out and guys on 2nd and 3rd, for the love of this game I have no idea why La Russa is sticking with him.  He’s throwing the ball everywhere but in the strike zone again.  98 pitches thus far, which isn’t a lot, but he’s not in this game.  Which has caused him now to lose another run 4-2.

Ok I had the rest of the game blogged out, but it went on so long that MLB blogs actually timed out…so forget it.














  1. redstatebluestate

    “Ok I had the rest of the game blogged out, but it went on so long that MLB blogs actually timed out…so forget it.” Yeah, man. I’ve been there before. You woulda thought (watching that game) that Carp had never bunted a day in his life. Not the start my birds were lookin’ for. If I disappear within the next few days you can bet I have drunk myself to death. (I’m half kidding).

  2. junojen

    I was hoping the Cards would win. I can’t root for Manny. And his helmet is a mess because that’s how he likes it. It’s just one more example of Manny being Manny.

    I really started following the Red Sox during the 1975 season. I remember the Big Red Machine quite well. Lots of great players on that team and you’re right – NO ONE runs the bases like Pete Rose used to. Maybe he should have played football for the Bengals. ha ha!

    And I hear ya on the MLB blogs time out thing. I’m used to blogging on Blogger so this Six Apart technology leaves a bit to be desired… JMHO.


    PS. I used to work for Cincinnati Bell Information Systems – now Convergys – wayyyy back in the early 90’s. I went to a Reds game back then on one of my business trips. Great brats!

    • rosehof14


      Little known fact was that Pete was on track to be the first dual sport player, but stuck with baseball. He and his father were big football players on the semi pro circuits. I’m not sure if game 1 was a real good test of how the series is going to go. I’ll hold off my opinion till after game 2. Thanks for your post!


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