Sources Are Already Reporting Reds Are Out Of Money!!

I don’t get it. Walt can you help me?

walt on cell 2.jpg    I just need some clarification when you say we’re dropping a couple million…million in player payroll for the 2010 season.  I read this leak this morning and just about drove to Chicago to see you about it.  We’ve gone through this before, and if you recall  (or at least loyal readers recall..) you never like it when we actually talk in person. (disclaimer: Walt doesn’t even know my name, much less worried about me, but I think it adds something doesn’t it?)  So what’s the deal? Fanhouse has got you on record saying that we’re trimming intstead of adding.  Didn’t we do that last year? 


Look I understand we have attendence issues, thus meaning we have cash flow issues.  If that means we got to trim I get it.  But why are you going about it this way? I mean let’s look at things.

You’re putting in new grass in the infield that couldn’t have been cheap.

You’re building a new facility for spring training.  I get that it was needed, but looking at the photos you really didn’t cut corners here either.

But hey you’re the man.  You know what’s needed to bring us back to the top.


What’s that Walt?  We might have to trade a few of our higher caliber players to free up payroll?  You’re saying Brandon’s on the list? Our gold glove 4th best in the league infielder, proably the best catch we have…We don’t have the payroll to keep him?  Hmmm.


Walt…you there?  Nope he hung up…guess he realized that his phone bill was getting to big too and decided to get rid of it too…. Yeah that’s it.




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