Using MLB2K10 To Do Some Spring Training Fortune Telling!

So I’ve been playing a lot of MLB2K10..

And I’ve seen a pattern with my MLB today games.  These are games where you
play the same game as what your team is going to play that day, and what I’ve
seen is when I lose there, they lose.  Win I win, they win. So I’m going to do a
prediction for today’s Diamondback’s game.

The Reds will lose today.

It won’t even be close sadly.  Maybe something like 7 to 2.

Brandon Phillips will either try to steal or at least slide into 2nd.


Joey Votto will have a double..



The Diamondback’s pitching will be awful and will give us the walks if we
want them in the beginning, but  their defense will be right on.




It’s almost 3 o’clock so let’s see what happens!



  1. raysfanboy

    Sounds like you enjoy 2k10. I have The Show. I would say I love it, but I’m mad b/c the game quit on me in the 6th tonight. So I’m a bit peeved. But The Show has some good stuff. I fouled a ball off an umpire tonight. Never did that before. Good stuff.

    Might be interesting to simulate a season and see how things turn out. See how accurate it is. I smell a future post…

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