Off Season, New Faces

I could write a post just breaking down these trades and what they mean to the Reds, but if you are someone who has the ability to read my blog you are also able to head over to and do the same thing.

What I will do is give my opinion and hope to spark some interesting conversation about what these trades do for or against the 2012 season.

Let’s start positive.

If you ever listened to legendary HOF sportscaster Marty B or anyone one else on the telecast you are well aware of the Reds desperate need for good, reliable pitching. Each year we look, retool and attempt again at building a rotation that “should” hold up. Sadly this method has failed more often than not. The good is that Walt has seen this, and has taken the weakness in the NL Central to heart and put some money on the line to make this rotation the best it’s been in some time.

This mixture of young and seasoned arms will put some assurance that the pitching staff is coming to win. Which only brings us to making sure our offense (which historically is good) stays on track for another good season.

Now down the dark path

We sold out folks, we broke the financial bank and our farm system for this year. We traded a lot for our new rotation. I know it takes something to get something, but yes I am one who would say we paid a higher price than I think we should of for Latos, and I’m not sure where our heads were on the Cubs deal. It all makes me want to say those famous lines in so many movies We’re in deep now boys, no turning back..

So tell me what you think?


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