Say Goodbye To Football, and Hello To Baseball

Well today is the day. It’s the day that the football season hits it peak and then starts on in downhill slide into the offseason. The Patriots and the Giants put on a good show, but it’s just that a show. Vegas knew, Indy fans new, and most of the NFL knew how this game was going to end before it began.

Here comes baseball.

A mere 11 days away for most, we are just waiting to see the sports networks star to change their programming over to signs of baseball. At first it will be meaningless shots of fielders throwing the ball around, and a few guys standing around the batting cage. Then the spring training games will start. The few die hard fans will listen to a radio broadcast of them when available, just looking for some sign that there is a chance the team they left in September is better in March.

We’ve already started seeing the hype articles, read your articles for your team. You’ll notice that new writers are spending some time writing some positive article telling you why you should be excited for this season. Where’s your normal beat writer? He’s still sleeping and developing his ideas of the season, he wouldn’t tag his name to these puff pieces. That’s okay though, we need the hype, if we don’t then how can we get the blood flowing toward the season.

All I can say at this point is bring it on.

I need a fantasy league to join.
I need to hear Marty and the gang on the radio.
I need my Opening Day tickets.
I need my MLB At Bat App 2012
I need a hot dog with mustard, relish and onion like true fans have them.


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