Now We Wait

It’s been a long, cold and busy winter for me. I have gotten a new job, moved on to more difficult classes in school, and all I can think of is baseball is coming…

It’s the worst time of year, the writers have dried up all the topics they held in the wings for the off season. XM radio is actually doing light hearted jabs at Whitney Houston’s death with “If your team was a Whitney song..” All of it done in poor taste.

Pitchers and catchers haven’t quiet yet reported…and the free agent and trade talks are about people I’d rather have a beer with than watch play.

I got over excited just going to my sons little league try outs. Just to go and heckle them for having maybe the worst setup for tryouts I’ve ever seen.

We really need to get some press around Little League by the way, not just the few country towns that always make the world series, but the rest of them. The middle of the road Leagues.


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