Pitcher’s and Catcher’s Suit Up!

That day every baseball fan marks on their calendar to let them know they need to start stretching and warming up for that marathon called the regular season. Spring Training is here…

I know I’ve done my finger exercises, as well as checked to see if I can indeed carry two alcoholic beverages while balancing a hotdog and nachos with one hand keeping the other one free for that possible foul ball that I’ve yet to catch.

I’ve taken the hit, and paid my dues for another year of MLB.tv, hoping they will get a clue that Indianapolis is not the baseball center of the midwest and we are not the viewing market for anyone.

I wait patiently for the MLB At bat 12 app to come out.

And I’m curious to see how baseball on my xbox will work.

So yes preparation has begun, now let’s hope that Matos, Madson, and the rest of the pitching staff is doing the same.


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