The Hangover Is Over, Bring On The Cold Winter

I was too busy to post here for a while now, ironically it seems my best time to post is the off season. If takes care of my baseball fix while I don’t have games to watch.

So here I sit reflecting on the season, a couple weeks after the World Series. The Giants who beat us in an unheard of 2nd half of a series sweep managed to keep that going and take the whole thing. It really did take several weeks to get over the hangover of the Reds not going further in the championship series. I watched the League games and the World Series, but it was really like a fog.

Sadly what started out as “Man they got lucky when they beat us” turned slowly into…”No they are just that good” after seeing them take out the Nat’s and eventually the Tigers.

I could do what the rest are doing, blame Rolen, grump about Baker, and so on….I’m not doing that. You can’t look at one moment in a game or season and wrap them up in trash bags to throw in the river. This team overall had more good than bad, and with the youth of this team along with the longer term contracts that they have I see this happening again soon. So after the fall out, there is no regrets.

What I can say though is that we notched the level of play up to what we thought was a 8 or 9. I mean who can complain with our regular season numbers? Still in comparison with the league it really was a 7 or 8. Teams at this level do well regularly, but don’t deliver championships.

Jocketty did really well this year, but it’s going to take 10% more to bring the World Series back to where baseball began.


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