Jonathan Broxton and Chappman

I first got wind of it on Ramsey’s Better Off Red Blog and I have to admit I was a bit surprised we had a payroll to keep him. Is he worth 7 million a year for 3 years? The answer to that question is yes he is. Did I think he was a casualty to all the money we spent locking up key personnel for this seasons World Series run? You bet.

This either tells me that the attendance and Reds financial streams are up which makes me wonder where the new salary cap is for us or the investors have been sandbagging the team until they knew they might have something to invest in. Naturally I hope it’s the first, winning teams do bring in more money which makes it easier to sign better talent. We all know that, but what we now need to look at is what we are getting for the money we spend. There are also plenty of stories of overpaid players (by MLB standards) that we should avoid falling into that trap.

With this signing we also have something else to think about. Where does Broxton go? Does this change where Chappy ( This always reminds me of Iron Eagle)


Do we keep things the way they are? Boxton setting up Chappman in the 8th and for him to close it out in the 9th? Do we let Broxton have another chance to be a closer and move Chappman to the starting rotation? All good questions.

In my opinion we don’t want to hurt the Cuban missile’s arm, his speed comes at a price and throwing 100 pitches every 4/5 days is too much. Have him prove me wrong in winter ball or spring training, but don’t let it effect the season.

What do you think?


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