Hot Dog Monday’s After Opening Week


What a past few days!

My opening day post from Great American Ballpark for some reason didn’t take, so all I can say from that experience is that it was a great game.

Scott Rolen was great, Votto did ok, Bruce was on it, Cueto pitched like I’ve never seen him pitch before. This was the Reds team I drove 100 miles to see!

My negative (because yes there has to be one) The food spots at GABP need to be better prepared. They haven’t let me down in years, but today was the day.

Tried going to the new Food Network Hot Dog experience…they were out of baked beans, and fritos for their signature dog. Tried to get the mac and cheese…long since gone… Tried to get the sloppy joes…sure if I only wanted a half scoop as they ran out there too.

Tried to get some La Rossa pizza…same story

So I settled on a regular hot dog and a beer, saving me money in the end, but losing a considerable amount of time watching the game!

I’m doing my best to support Joey’s payroll by buying novelties, tickets, and FOOD at the game. This should not be a hurdle for me.

Enough on this.

Saturday’s game, we lost…but these things happen. No one goes undefeated in baseball, and it was nice to get it out of the way. It was a beautiful night game. I’m not going to dwell on this.

Sunday’s game, sadly I had family things to do (Easter and all) but I did watch the recap online and it looks like it was a good game with another good showing by Scott Rolen. Man I hope he can keep doing what he’s doing now.

Tonight is going to be a tough matchup, Reds vs Cardinals with Latos on the mound. We’ve seen him in Spring Training, now it’s time to see what happens when he hits the mound. Should be really interesting. I know I’ll be listening just as soon as little league practice is over.

My final random note of the day is that the Indianapolis Indians start up this Friday night at home. I’m going to do my best to blog from the park, but there may be some blogging on Monday to cover it…let’s be honest I love my seats, my hot dogs, and my baseball…


Hot Dog Monday’s And Baseball On My Mind


I may not be a fan of the Cubs, but I do what they brought to food! Chicago deep dish pizza, dipped sandwiches, and of course the Chicago Dog.

This a good news kind of Monday

First up, The Reds minus one dumb pickup (aka Madson) are healthy and looking good for opening day. I always worry a bit of what injuries will come out of Spring Training. I think this year we came out ok. Now all we have to do is get our pitching rotation worked out and we will be off to races!

What’s my opinion on the rotation? It’s fine as is, if we put Bailey in the bull pen and Chapman as a starter. Bailey is trade bait in my opinion, we’ve given him every chance in Cincy to make it happen with little help in the win column for it. It’s time to give another team a chance with him and hopefully recoup some of the money or talent that we lost with Madson being out for the year. Will the Reds do this? Probably not, should they…absolutely. Beyond that I look forward to Opening Afternoon

Yes folks it’s not Opening Night, it’s not Opening Day, It’s Opening Afternoon this year. The Marlins will be in town at 4pm after a late night game opening their new stadium. This will go one of two ways for the Reds, either they will be worn out and it’ll be an easy win for the Reds or they will still be on a adrenaline high and it could be really bad. Time will tell, but I’ll be happy to be sitting in my seat with a slice of LaRossa’s pizza either way.

Next stop on the happy train is I HAVE FOUND A FANTASY TEAM TO JOIN!!

Sadly my bloggers have given up on me (and I don’t blame them) So I was looking elsewhere for a league. To tell you how desperate it got, I’m on a league with a bunch of guys who work for Subaru in their eco friendly division. I don’t work for Suburu or any car company, I don’t drive a Subaru, and my current vehicle is far from eco friendly. Random fate really did bring this team to me. My team is the Rambling Reds. I’ll be asking for help during the season, so feel free to give me advice.

At this point all I can say is… The boys are playing their last spring training game today, tomorrow they fly back to Cincy, they get a good night’s sleep and then they line up on the starting line of America’s Marathon…Baseball

I can’t wait.

Taco Salad Mondays…Sorry too many hot dogs over the weekend..

Not sure what the weather is like in your area, but in Indy it’s hot and working it’s way to muggy. Which means that the season is here.

This year I’m going to do some more blogging about the Indianapolis Indians than I did last year. The reason for this is that with my new job Victory Field is within eyesight and that was a huge plus to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still be watching my Reds games and/or listening to them on the radio (which can still at times be the best way)

So on to my baseball thoughts of the week.

First off, we are two weeks away from starting this marathon and we just cut down our roster. Talk about making sure we picked the right guys. This happens and I’m okay with it, but it makes me wonder if this was because the talent was just that good, or that we had some real questions and didn’t know who had the answers.

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty! I like seeing you heathy and hitting homers. Enough said.

Corky’s still the most under rated player in spring training. He’s picking off runners, hitting ok, it’s just sad to know this is his prime time.

How much longer till we really know the rotation? Will Chapman really make it full time before Homer Bailey…if so why so much loyalty to him?

COBF: Hot Dog Monday

There’s someting about a good hot dog and baseball


So I’m sitting a DJ’s hot dog’s here in Indy, having what’s known as an Arizona Dog (Chili, Cheese, onion on a popyseed bun) with some crinkle fries. Looking out on a rainy March day, everyone else here in Indy is thinking about our old Quarterback (ok, so is most of the sports watching nation) and their brackets (ok, again so is most of the nation)

Me.. it’s all about baseball.

I’ve got my little league draft in less than 24hrs, I’m getting grumpy because I can’t find people to play fantasy baseball with (anyone know a league I can join?), and the Reds are doing fine in spring training.

What have we seen thanks to MLB at bat (since the regular channels haven’t started showing them..hint…hint) the last few days?

Votto is looking good, and is looking confident which is even better. Just keep it going Joey, and be nice to me and give us a discount to keep you a few more years after this one.

Phillips is being a media hound. Which is normal, I just hope he can keep it up while staying the gold glove guy that he is. He’s earned the right to do what he wants, so I’ll stop here.

I want to see more of our pickups from the off season. Latos and the other guy..

And Corky…I get it, he’s there as a supporting role…but man give this guy more playing time. This past weekend was just an example that he’s still got stuff left to do on the field.

What does that leave us? The rest of the cast who have been living up to expectations. I really am okay with the way things are going so far. Sure I wish we didn’t end up as a punching bag for some inning to the A’s and their new stars (Manny, and the guy who I would have to cut and paste to spell correctly…give that guy a nickname already) and I’m happy that Posey is doing okay for the Giants. I’m little disappointed it takes another team to get us airplay, but I’ll take whatever it takes.

What’s your thoughts?
What’s your favorite hot dog?

Let’s Talk Fantasy Baseball

I know, I know…I always say I want to run a league and then fall short. I’m a busy guy, what can I say?

At this point I’m willing to put together a league or join someone else’s.

I’m willing to do just a free, fun league or put some money into it. I’m good either way.

So if you are someone who enjoys baseball, and wants to either invite me to your league or wants me to create one. Let me know!

Pitcher’s and Catcher’s Suit Up!

That day every baseball fan marks on their calendar to let them know they need to start stretching and warming up for that marathon called the regular season. Spring Training is here…

I know I’ve done my finger exercises, as well as checked to see if I can indeed carry two alcoholic beverages while balancing a hotdog and nachos with one hand keeping the other one free for that possible foul ball that I’ve yet to catch.

I’ve taken the hit, and paid my dues for another year of, hoping they will get a clue that Indianapolis is not the baseball center of the midwest and we are not the viewing market for anyone.

I wait patiently for the MLB At bat 12 app to come out.

And I’m curious to see how baseball on my xbox will work.

So yes preparation has begun, now let’s hope that Matos, Madson, and the rest of the pitching staff is doing the same.

Now We Wait

It’s been a long, cold and busy winter for me. I have gotten a new job, moved on to more difficult classes in school, and all I can think of is baseball is coming…

It’s the worst time of year, the writers have dried up all the topics they held in the wings for the off season. XM radio is actually doing light hearted jabs at Whitney Houston’s death with “If your team was a Whitney song..” All of it done in poor taste.

Pitchers and catchers haven’t quiet yet reported…and the free agent and trade talks are about people I’d rather have a beer with than watch play.

I got over excited just going to my sons little league try outs. Just to go and heckle them for having maybe the worst setup for tryouts I’ve ever seen.

We really need to get some press around Little League by the way, not just the few country towns that always make the world series, but the rest of them. The middle of the road Leagues.