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COBF: And This One Belongs To The Reds..Last Home Game 2011

I usually make sure that I make it to the last home game of the season.   Today was the first time in a few years that I didn’t make it.  Those are the breaks when it comes to the working class guy that I am.

All the same I thought it best I should at least listen to the game online, and post a quick report of how happy I was to see this game go all the way with Arroyo.

My hopes of a .500 season are close, if I my math is correct we need 4 wins with 6 games left to play.  It secretly the goal all along.

Only a week left in the season, and then the post season starts.  I’m not sure what to make of that.


More to come…




Baseball’s Grim Reapers

Sorry folks for the time between posts.  I know at this point I’ve proably lost all credibility, but that’s life sometimes.  Blogging is a hobby for me and when life crams what it has for me the past few months down my throat you put this on the backburner.

But I had some time and somethings to say so I decided to log back on and who knows start fresh again. 

Reds baseball in September, gotta love it.  What is with the Reds anyway?  Do we have a pressure problem?  I’ve watched and listened to my fair share of games this year and it’s ending the same way last year did.  We started great, we sucked in the middle, and then we pull out the stops in the end?  How does this work?  This year at least we’re not screwing up wild card slots and causing all the uproar we did last year.  For those who don’t recall we almost kept the Cubs from doing well anything.  This year we at least end with the Pirates who really should pack up the team and move to Canada as far as the rest of the MLB cares, I think the only team who has lost it’s flair more than them is the Nationals.

So here we are again.  My goal for the Reds this season was an over 500 season.  Most looked at me like I was crazy and said that wasn’t a goal it was a lock.  Here we are, under 500.  I love my Reds, I always see the hope of a good year coming, but what we’ve been doing the past few years has got to end.  We win till it matters and then lose till we’re out, only to go back to winning again when it’s too late. 

Hire a visualization coach to come in and teach these guys to be winners, get a motivational speaker on staff for next year, do something.  I can live with the fact that we’re not going to the World Series or even in a pennant race.  What I can’t live with is the feeling we had the shot to be something more, and always ending up in the middle where we are just forgotten.  We lose to no one we don’t sweep, cream or destroy at some point in the season.  We should be contending with the players we have, and at the very least be a 500 ball club.