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Soo Much Baseball Sooo Little Time!

Ever been truly frustrated at all the things you want to get done, but can’t
seem to find the time to complete.  That’s where I’m at.

I’ve got a fantasy league(s) to organize

I’ve got leagues I’m in that I’ve got to get my draft plan together

I’ve got spring training games to watch or listen to!

I’ve got MLB2K10 to

Mind you that includes 1 franchise team

3 online leagues

and MY fantasy career of playing for the Reds as their new
left fielder

These all take at least 30 minutes each per day.

Then of course, I have this blog to write.

And with Little League just around the corner…

Mind you that this doesn’t include my regular life activities (looking for
work, school, fiancé, son, friends, learning how to create I Phone Apps..the
list goes on and on)


I know it’s a hard life I lead..but rest assured I’ll make it work.


What are your favorite things to do to get into the baseball spirit?


Do People From Cincinnati Blog??

Dear readers,

I  went through the MLB Blogs list today looking for other Reds bloggers to join forces with.  To my surprise I’M THE ONLY ONE CURRENTLY BLOGGING, and of the others I found I can only see a couple that might actually come back alive come baseball season this year.  I’m really confused.  I’m from Indy, and we’re not known for our writers..well okay we’ve had a few famous writers come from our state, but that’s another blog. 


Mark Sheldon throws a note up on other blogs from time to time.
There’s nothing from any players
Our hall of fame announcers have nothing

What’s the deal?

The good news is at this rate I can take the reds blogosphere by storm!