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A Little Bit Of This and That

The winter has just started and the hot stove is warming up. The good news is that it seems to be in ways we expected. The big shocker was the rumor that Jay Bruce is trying to extend his contract again, already. I never heard of a player who already has 3 years left on his deal go to his team and ask for an extension. Who doesn’t take a look at the market? The crazy thing is that I would say this would benefit the team, but with the money we’ve spent in recent years we could see a bigger, longer deal as a handcuff for us. I will be interested to see what comes of it.

Do you get baseball hangovers? I usually do, and they usually last longer than mine did this year. Much like and alcoholic loves booze,, I love baseball. Yet there is those weeks (and usually months) after the seasons over I’m like “Thank god that’s over” It’s when watching the World Series is like having just a few more drinks because your friends are sticking around at the bar, and not because you actually should have them. You’ll promise yourself the next morning..”I’ll just skip them next year” but you never do. For me this hangover usually last till at least the winter meetings, if not the first signs of spring training. Not this year, I’m already wondering what’s next. Maybe it’s another winning season effecting my attitude. Who knows.


August 10th Revenge Of The Reds

Keeping it simple tonight as it’s time for me to go to bed.


Back to back homers from Joey and Jay!

And the double play machine of Renteria, Janish, and Votto makes me wonder where this team came from! We definitely need Phillips bat, but wow the defense was awesome.

And how do we talk about the way the game ended. Frazier doing a great block of the bag and a killer tag.

Good night all!

All Star Selection

Tomorrow is the All Star Selection show, last I checked the Reds had some chances for the team. My curiosity is how many survived the last minute voting. A lot of big market teams, with big market All Stars. My hopes are for the realistic players. Joey Votto with Albert on the DL sounds like his time to take the light for a bit. Brandon Phillips, I mean really he’s a human highlight reel. With Bruce I’m hopeful, but not realistic there is way too many good outfielders that it’s a real race.

I guess we will see tomorrow!