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Selig Sticks It To Rose Again..

So during this off season it’s a great time to review and rethink decisions made.


Bud has done some thinking.

Steroid users in the Hall of Fame…eh if it happens oh well….”Not my call, not my problem”

Inflated stats and people who don’t deserve titles….”well that will happen.”

Protect MLB’s money…”You bet!”


Bud, let the people be heard, and better yet use your own logic, it’s not you who decides who gets into the hall, it’s the Association.  Frankly I’m tired of having this beef with you, let me go pick on them for a few years if anything.


Let Pete Rose make his way onto the ballad for the Hall Of Fame….Not a chance


Well Bud, that’s just great.You’re first hard decision in the big seat obviously is the thing that will be your legacy.  Steroids will be long since forgiven before Rose.


And that’s just wrong.





Bud Selig…Not Baseball’s Greatest Fan, But He Does Love Money

Being a Reds supporter  it’s hard for me to be objectionable to our
baseball commissioner..  In many ways he ruined baseball in Cincy.  Pete Rose, to Marge Schott
to the wild card race, and much more to mention.  So for those looking
for a neutral opinion of him you may want to go somewhere else.

reading about Mr. Selig you find  a man who really didn’t grow up in
baseball.  This is not the story of a man who was brought up on the
sport, but actually a man who saw a tremendous business opportunity and
then developed a passion around his work.  Now there is no denying that
he has been around baseball since the early 70’s when he purchased the
Brewers.  The Brewers which at the time was named the Pilots and were
not in Milwaukee.  Mr. Selig saw money growing for a Wisconsin based
team and knew he had to do something which in turn was to create a team
for this need.  Hence the purchase of the Pilots, and then renaming them the Brewers. 

the 80’s and 90’s he moved from ball club owner to acting leader of
game for the current president of baseball’s health was failing and
there was no sure sign of when his time would be over.  During which
Mr. Selig did not just keep the peace and follow the lead of his
mentor, no sir.  He went about making some of the biggest changes that
baseball ever encountered.  Many have speculated what  this did to
baseball, after almost two decades we can see it turned baseball into
what it is today.  A business, instead of a national past time.  Now
who’s to say it wouldn’t have done this anyway with out Mr. Selig, I
cannot say for sure.  What I can say however if there was a boost of
power to make it happen sooner than later it was during this time. 
This in turn brought forth a player strike that took many fans away
from baseball (me being one of them) and set the ground work for the
issues that would soon arrive.

What direction would this go in
when moving our way into the turn of the century?  You guessed it,
gimmicks, steroids, and ploys to gain the loyalty back of the fan
base.  Instead of having faith that good, honest, all American baseball
would rebound on it’s own.  Mr Selig took the bull by the horns and
sold it, sold it hard and fast in any way he could to get the American
public to give the game another try.  This blitz did generate a lot of
new fans, but it did a lot of the opposite as well, it made baseball
even more what it didn’t need to be.  A business.  It killed baseball
cards by flooding the market with so many different types and ways to
collect it was not special anymore.  It took a simple seat and a hot
dog experience and turned it into a complicated media frenzy.  Most
importantly it turned baseball into a higher end more civilized and
more expensive game for the players and the fans.  The only fans who
truly go to games like they used to are the ones of Cubs and they do it now more out of tradition for the city than they do out of love of the game. 

2012 Bud Selig is set to retire (it was supposed to be this year, but
due to PED he decided that it was a good idea to stick around and clean
up his mess) I hope the one that follows in his footsteps put a little
more distance between the game and it’s money.  Some how, some way as
baseball is bigger than football or basketball.  It has larger
responsiblities than both of them combined.  It is our nations past
time, that’s why we have people who represent it in DC, and why we are
held to review by Congress.  It’s simply put, more important to get
this game back to being pure and good than it is for it to be a billion
dollar industry.