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Hot Dog Monday’s After Opening Week


What a past few days!

My opening day post from Great American Ballpark for some reason didn’t take, so all I can say from that experience is that it was a great game.

Scott Rolen was great, Votto did ok, Bruce was on it, Cueto pitched like I’ve never seen him pitch before. This was the Reds team I drove 100 miles to see!

My negative (because yes there has to be one) The food spots at GABP need to be better prepared. They haven’t let me down in years, but today was the day.

Tried going to the new Food Network Hot Dog experience…they were out of baked beans, and fritos for their signature dog. Tried to get the mac and cheese…long since gone… Tried to get the sloppy joes…sure if I only wanted a half scoop as they ran out there too.

Tried to get some La Rossa pizza…same story

So I settled on a regular hot dog and a beer, saving me money in the end, but losing a considerable amount of time watching the game!

I’m doing my best to support Joey’s payroll by buying novelties, tickets, and FOOD at the game. This should not be a hurdle for me.

Enough on this.

Saturday’s game, we lost…but these things happen. No one goes undefeated in baseball, and it was nice to get it out of the way. It was a beautiful night game. I’m not going to dwell on this.

Sunday’s game, sadly I had family things to do (Easter and all) but I did watch the recap online and it looks like it was a good game with another good showing by Scott Rolen. Man I hope he can keep doing what he’s doing now.

Tonight is going to be a tough matchup, Reds vs Cardinals with Latos on the mound. We’ve seen him in Spring Training, now it’s time to see what happens when he hits the mound. Should be really interesting. I know I’ll be listening just as soon as little league practice is over.

My final random note of the day is that the Indianapolis Indians start up this Friday night at home. I’m going to do my best to blog from the park, but there may be some blogging on Monday to cover it…let’s be honest I love my seats, my hot dogs, and my baseball…


Welcome To The Mid Summer Classic

Ok…so I’ll post when I post.. (I can keep making promises that I will and then don’t…or I can be honest that I’m flakey when it comes to this..)


Why haven’t I been around?  Because I’ve been watching, listening and absorbing sooo much baseball.  Little League, AAA, and major league games that I really haven’t had the time.  I’m almost ready to get an I Pad just to get more productive while I’m out and about.


So we are now at the “honorary” mid point of the season.  The Reds just got swept by the Phillies in a 4 game series that had more extra innings in it than I ever care to see the rest of the season. 





This is something that I would have never guessed.  The little engine that could Reds are sitting in the drivers seat battling to keep it from the Cardinals.  As the first part of this season has went on people have been coming up to me asking “how about those Reds!” and I’ve been trying to tone them down a bit.  Remember a winning season is really still the goal.  We can all still dream of a 1st place season in September going into October, but if we don’t have it we still have a winning season.  A winning season is still better than what we’ve had over the last decade.


But what a first half…

Votto going on a consecutive hitting streak that almost made history

Leake coming in a rookie pitcher not to be messed with.

Stubbs and his 3 homer night at Wrigley

Rolen showing that he’s still got what it takes.

Gomes showing that you can still be tough and play baseball

And a quiet success story from Corky Miller


We’ve got a lot to be happy about in Reds Nation!

The question is when do we start looking at our pennant chances?

Do we pick up some fresh talent to assure we are ready for a fight in October?

When does Chapman come up?


Lots of questions…


Quick And Simple Post

I’ve got a lot going on tonight so I can’t make this a long one.

Simply put the Reds should have won today against the Cardinals.  The Cardinals didn’t beat the Reds today.  The Reds beat the Reds today.  There is plenty of times the game was brought back to even, and as I recall there was even a time we were ahead.  I was completely ok with us walking Pujols with 1st base open, and wouldn’t wince if we did it again.  Now that being said walking home runs is something you just don’t do.  I would rather take the ball and put it on a tee and have him him hit off it that just walk runs in like we did in the 8th.  There is a chance that Lincoln was pitching injured so I won’t go big on bashing him yet.  If he was why didn’t Price know about it?

Honestly the Reds have already made my goal for them during this series and that was to win one game.  They did it, I’m going to stay happy, the goal all of us Reds fans have to keep saying is +.500.  That’s it.  Nothing more is being asked for from this team, THIS year. 


3 Weeks

Three weeks of baseball down, and still plenty more to go before this season ends. 

How are our Reds doing? 

Well…they could be better.

The one thing the Reds never have to worry about knowing where they need improvement.  Over the past three weeks I’ve went on a roller coaster of seeing what I want to see from the Reds (Trying to run, trying to play small ball, NOT living and dying by the long ball)  The keyword there is try of course. 

Then I’ve seen the other side that I didn’t want to see.  Aaron Harang falling apart on the mound, people not paying attention on the bases, and just over all fumbling of the opportunity when it’s given to you.

So let’s talk a little bit more about the good.

I like what I see from Dickerson, Gomes (when they play him), Stubbs, and Caberra.  Votto and Bruce are warming up to what I want to see from them, but they’ve got some room to grow.  An honorable mention goes to the bullpen especially Rhodes.  Most wouldn’t see what improvement and changes he’s made this year, but I sure have and want to see it continue.

Now some more bad…

I’m still steamed about opening day.  I’ve let it cool off, I’ve tried to be opened minded about how things would or should be for an opening day game against the Cardinals.  What should be said, and then put into Reds law until we know better and don’t need it as a law.  YOU INTENTIONALLY WALK THE BEST PLAYER IN YOUR DIVISION AND ARGUEABLY THE LEAGUE!!!  YOU ESPECIALLY WALK HIM AFTER HE HITS A HOME RUN ON HIS FIRST AT BAT!  Come on…let’s be serious at what point do you really pitch to him anyway?  You can be macho about this all you want being a pitcher, “I can beat him, he’s not perfect” ..no  Pujols isn’t perfect, but there is also no shame in walking him. 

Next…What is our deal with the Pirates?   Last place team in our division, versus our middle of the division team…our middle should win, not get swept.


So in summary what have we learned?

No pitching to Pujols

Keep up the small ball

It’s still early in the season, so no reason to lose hope yet

What would you like me to write about next?

Cardinals Vs Dodgers Post Season Game 1

It’s only fitting I get to move over to this game and start watching when Manny comes up to bat.

Kemp just hit a homer just seconds before to pull the Dodgers 2 to 1.

I don’t know who I’m rooting for this game.  Dodgers or Cardinals.  What I have seen from the 3 post season games thus far is everyone is playing real loose.  Fielders are missing catches, pitchers are throwing everywhere including the strike zone.

Chris Carpenter is giving the Dodgers pleanty of room to catdh up that’s for sure.

DeRosa takes out the Dodger first baseman with a head first slide.  You don’t see to much
Rose V Fosse.jpg
contact in baseball anymore.  The days of Pete Rose running over catchers really doesn’t happen anymore.  Which I guess is good and bad.  I’m always looking for ways to close the gap between baseball fans and football fans.


The annoucers are talking about Manny’s BP, I have to admit I didn’t know Don Mattingly was the Dodger’s hitting coach.  Man what a place to retire, well from playing that is.  You go in teach rookies how to hit, and then sit on the beach.

Bottom of the 3rd with runners at the corners.

Going back to what I was talking about before about being too loose De Rossa just threw a ball straight to the right fielder…not good. Amazingly they are not counting that as an error.  Someone will have to explain that to me someday, but it allowed the Dodgers to score.

The annoucers are commenting on the crowd, I have to admit I’d love to live in a real baseball town.  One where you can actually find bars named after your team and you don’t have to look far for a fan.  Indy doesn’t have it, barely has it for the Colts which is the pride of the city.

Bringing ourselves to the top of the 4th..

I don’t think I have seen the word BUNT…I’m Going to BUNT…REALLY from Chris Carpenter.  But he does his job and advances a runner, I guess that’s what pitchers do when they bat.

So what is the time allotment for a mound visit?  Is it up to the ump?

Beach balls at a baseball game really?  I know they have Dodger beach out there, but isn’t that kind of silly?

I know my thoughts are going random here, so off to twitter I’ll go.

Watching threads go by on Twitter (you can follow me at www.twitter.com/cobf Brendan Ryan does have the 70’s porn stache of all time.  How does someone let him out of the house with that?

Dodger have now managed to load up the bases with a lucky bounce to the pitcher to close out this part of the inning.

I’m watching Manny warm up, he’s not had a rough game thus far so how does his helmet already have dirt, mud,dents,etc on it?  Is that that something he just wants?  With one swing he crushes it down the third base line lining the Dodgers up to score again with runners at 2nd and 3rd.  They have been talking about what type of player was Manny going to be in this series.  The leader or the whimp, so far I’d still say it’s undecided, but looking better.

Bases are loaded…and I hear Nickleback playing



 So you would think this must end with the Dodgers scoring, but it doesn’t.




Top  of 5

and well with no real hit support and a dumb move to let the pitcher hit when there really isn’t a reason to as they’ll be pulling him this next inning (predicting this now) to only strike out.

The Cards are sticking with Carpenter with only one out and guys on 2nd and 3rd, for the love of this game I have no idea why La Russa is sticking with him.  He’s throwing the ball everywhere but in the strike zone again.  98 pitches thus far, which isn’t a lot, but he’s not in this game.  Which has caused him now to lose another run 4-2.

Ok I had the rest of the game blogged out, but it went on so long that MLB blogs actually timed out…so forget it.












Loyalty To The End…Worth It?

I was at the Reds v Cardinals game on thursday.  It was a day game so the fact that there was only 2,500 or so people there didn’t suprise me in the least.  I  mean if I wasn’t currently unemployed I wouldn’t have made it.  (most likely..) it was really like urban warfare to get me out for lunch most of the time..

cubicle war.jpg













So here I was eating a slice of La Rosa’s pizza , peanuts and having a beer in a row by myself out in far left field.  Proably one of the best situations for me to be in.  Food, no one crowding me, no one talking to me, good weather.  I couldn’t be happier.  This happiness

pizzaattheball park.jpg goes on for a little while past the first inning.  Then with my luck, we start losing, and we start losing badly starting off with a grand slam from Chris Carpenter, a pitcher no less to start the ball rolling against us.  I’m trying to root my team on when what happens next?  People start seat hopping and coming into my area thinking they might see a Pujols homer over where I’m sitting.  So now my game is going a little south, and my territory is being threatened by Cardinals fans no less.  Anyone who’s watched specials about territorial creatures should know that this is a bad idea.  I could just move, but that would be giving in, and I won’t do that when my team is losing and I in fact was here first.  That’s when the heckling begins, not from me, but from the Cardinals fans.  “So what high school drop out are you going to put on the mound next?”  then a little, “Man if the Reds could get any worse they’d be the Pirates or the Nationals”

Tiger.jpgI go and get myself another beer and take a walk around the stadium.  It’s something I do when we’re losing.  When you are at Great American you have to look up in the concourse to really appreciate what they’ve done.  There are huge photos of newspapers hanging from the ceilings of great times in in Reds history.  The club and executive levels have quote after quote of great players reminding you that history takes time and winning is something to be savored.  I made my way back to my seat.



By this time the game has gotten really out of hand 9 to 0, and my rivals are entrenched in my area.  I do what any good fan does in this situation.  I start cheering for every Red that does anything good.  “Good Catch!”  “Great hit!” “BRRRRUUUUUUCE!” being as abnoxious as I can with my fandom.  In hopes of rattling my invaders to move on.  After all they seat hopped to get to me, and there are pleanty of other seats, better seats to hop to.  This does nothing, inning, after inning.  We start losing, by more and more.

By the time the game was wrapping up I was 1 of maybe 300 still at the ball park. My 10 or so intruders were among those still there as well.

So here’s my feeling and my question.  I’m not sure who I’m more pissed at.

1. The other fans who saw we were losing and left before the game was over.  Loyalty is something not to be messed with.

2. The Cards fans who invaded my space

3. The fact that they are better fans than my Reds fans since they stayed to the end despite an even longer drive than I (I’m from Indy so it’s 4 hours round trip for me to go to a game)

4. Myself for allowing this all to get to me.



Reds Win Again..Try to Stay Calm

Reds pull off another victory.  Tonight it’s against the All Star team betterly known as the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Noteable moment would go to Jay Bruce for proving once again why we have him around with a 3 run homer.  Jay is a little over 20+ homers this year, this coming from a guy who was gone well… ALOT! this year.  There was a lot of time I have to admit I was wondering why we were holding onto him, but I’ll admit it I was wrong.  We should keep him.  I don’t think he is the leader and hero this team needs, but I do think he’s a good player for this team.  We will see how tomorrow goes but I’m thinking a sweep isn’t unrealistic.  Proving again that the Reds have talent, but just can’t get their act together to have the season to prove it.


Way to go Bruce, and I’ll see you on Sunday for the season closer.