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Taco Salad Mondays…Sorry too many hot dogs over the weekend..

Not sure what the weather is like in your area, but in Indy it’s hot and working it’s way to muggy. Which means that the season is here.

This year I’m going to do some more blogging about the Indianapolis Indians than I did last year. The reason for this is that with my new job Victory Field is within eyesight and that was a huge plus to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still be watching my Reds games and/or listening to them on the radio (which can still at times be the best way)

So on to my baseball thoughts of the week.

First off, we are two weeks away from starting this marathon and we just cut down our roster. Talk about making sure we picked the right guys. This happens and I’m okay with it, but it makes me wonder if this was because the talent was just that good, or that we had some real questions and didn’t know who had the answers.

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty! I like seeing you heathy and hitting homers. Enough said.

Corky’s still the most under rated player in spring training. He’s picking off runners, hitting ok, it’s just sad to know this is his prime time.

How much longer till we really know the rotation? Will Chapman really make it full time before Homer Bailey…if so why so much loyalty to him?


2nd Place For A Fleeting Moment..

Well the Reds had it all day today.  2nd place.

I woke up from a late night of watching the Reds v Nationals game last night with a smile on my face.  Your Cincinnati Reds were in 2nd place.  How long would it last?  Hours.


How long did I figure it would last?  About a day.


But it was going to be a DAY!!!  A day of happiness, a day of joy!  A day of dreaming!  All we had to do is see the Cubs lose (we did) see St. Louis not do so well (well our first issue) and then beat the Nationals again to sweep. (The Nationals…come on we can do this…can’t we?)


St. Louis won

Nationals beat us on completely bone headed worn out ball playing by us.


I do argue one thing though.  What League organizer lets a game go to the bottom of the 9th and watches the rain come in and sees it will be a 2 HOUR rain delay at 10pm just to finish up a half inning?  It couldn’t be for the money, because by that point concession stands weren’t making any money off the NO ONE in the stands.  Then by crazy luck they tied it up and then wore out the Reds.  Geez.



Put Me In Coach! Reds First Base Joey Votto

Welcome to our next installment of Put Me In Coach!

Where we spend the time writing a post so that maybe if your a budding Cincy fan you’ll learn a little be about the players you’ll be watching in the 2009 season.

Today’s highlight goes to 1st base
Joey Votto.jpg

Joey is a new addition to the Reds organization and is a big part of the new plan for Cincy of fast, young, small ball tactics.  Altough the latter is not really his thing, small ball that is.  Joey’s strong point is definately his bat.  With 24 HR last year he would be good for anyone’s fantasy team in the middle of the line up along with a batting average that stayed in the high 200’s for most of the season.  Reds fans are eager to find a hero to follow and cheer for, and Votto isn’t there yet, but the ability seems to be. 

What he does have today is the ability to be a quiet leader, and possibly a captain in the making.  Something this team definitely needs.  He is a strong figure on the field, his stats and history in the minors reaching for the past 6 years shows that he’s consistent with his bat.  You know what you will get with Joey Votto as a player.  Which in this unsure time in Reds history is something we definately needed.

Sean Casey Retires. A Guy Who Always Looked Good In Red

A Tribute To Sean “The Mayor” Casey
A moment of silence please….

CaseyinRed.jpgSean “The Mayor” Casey was not just a ball player.  He was the ball player that was made for the way I wanted and the way most Reds fans wanted a ball player to be.  He was for the game, for the fans, for the kids, for the team, heck what wasn’t he for that was good in a baseball fans eyes? 

Seancaseyand1basecoach.jpgSean made friends where ever he was, and he did end up wondering quite a bit in his major league career, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Boston.  He was nominated in 2007 as the friendliest guy in baseball by sports illustrated.  For his character on the field as he would make friends with any ball player that made it to his home at 1st base and his charity work he did in whatever town he was stationed in.  In all of the games I went to in the past two years I listened to fans boo the opposing team, players that have left us for more money or were just plain bad for us.  I would always say that if you ever wanted to know what kind of player you are come to Cincinnati and you’ll find out.  I know this to be true because there was not a series that we hated to be in more than the one with at the time World Series Champs the Boston Red Sox.  That hot father’s day weekend there were more Sox fans in the stands than Reds fans, but you couldn’t tell when the line up was announced or a Sox player made it to the batters box.  The boos and jeers coming from the stands were worse than I’d ever seen them in Cincy, a normally quiet and civilized fan base.  The reason for all the hostility was because we were already losing position in the season and we knew we were going to lose against the Sox so we were in no mood to even be there, but we will push on and make the best of it.  That’s when it happened, the boos stopped and the crowd went quite for a moment.

“Now batting Sean Casey..”

At that point the crowd, Cincy or Boston stood and applauded.  You would have thought Johnny Bench or Pete Rose had come to the plate.  Ken Griffey Jr and Adam Dunn were still on the team, not so much as woot from the crowd when they came up, but here is this elder statesman of the game, this slow running, double play juggernaut of a man who used to be a Red  getting applause from the home crowd.  I watched while younger Reds fans asked their parents “Who is this guy and why are we applauding?”  The answer was simple, it’s the Mayor.  Our Mayor, and we’re welcoming him home. 

He took a moment, stepped out of the batters box, looked around like he couldn’t believe it himself and took off his helmet and tipped it to the crowd as a thank you.  He hit a single that at bat, and for one moment we were all happy that he did.


Good luck Sean, and no matter how much help you were for Detroit in the World Series, and all the good you did in Boston too, always remember Cincinnati cares for you too.




Put Me In Coach! Reds Right Field Jay Bruce

In our second installment of Put Me In Coach we are going to move to right field to talk about the Reds 2008 diamond in the rough, Jay Bruce.

According the the Reds.com website Jay Bruce came on the scene in 2008 with a lot of hardware behind him.  He was ranked the best prospect in the Reds Farm system and was most noted for his tremendous hitting ability.  I remember when he first arrived on the scene this past year and all the talk about his hitting ability and the hopes that he would not turn into another Homer Bailey where all the weight of being the star would simply crush his ability to play.  Thankfully this didn’t happen and he went on a strong hitting streak right off the bat.  This caused the fans to take notice and some new hope was generated around the idea of a new, younger team for the Reds.
Bruce action.jpg

With this new found hitter the need to find a way to root him on became the next thing to figure out.  Leave it to the fans in Cincinnati to turn a good old boy from Texas into a farm animal for the mid westerners.  Jay Bruce soon became Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce! to his fans Yep your reading it just right, they made his last name into the sound a cow makes.   It was amazing, a stadium of people that come from all sorts of backgrounds and ages all mooing like cattle.  I’m sure this wasn’t the way Jay wanted to be remembered.  That stone has already been tossed at this point.  I’m just waiting for cow print jerseys to come out for Jay Bruce day at the park, much like we did camo day for his hero Ken Griffey jr

We haven’t heard a lot from him in the press and his after the game interviews seem to run short due to pies in the face and other jokes that get played on rookies their first year.  I also account this to his younger age amongst the team.  All the same we are very lucky to have this solid player on our roster, and I know we are all looking forward to seeing what he can do in 2009.