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August 8th Rockies

All I can say about this game was this was a black eye to our pitching staff for letting them T off us after the rain delay. The homer parade that was happening was just miserable to watch.
On the other side of the coin I was very pleased to see @datdudeBP going yard as well as my silent killer Drew Stubbs doing so as well. The only Jersey with a name on it I own is Pete Rose, but Drew and Phillips are making it hard for me to ignore them and not add on to the collection.

Here’s to hoping tonight goes better!


Reds Got What It Takes To Stay Afloat?


4 or 5 out of first, more games than I care to think about out of wildcard chances. Is this the end of this season or just a little early to call it?

My problem is two years ago I would have been happy with a .500 season. We got that last year, and I was overjoyed with a Championship. This year I set my goals unlike most for the same, not more…was this wrong of me? Maybe, but there are some of you a little more hurt than I am right now too.

On a positive note, Brandon has been awesome, and Stubbs homer to win last night will for sure make my highlight reel for the year.