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Fantasy Baseball Week: Day 2 Of Questions and Answers

Here we go for day 2!

Draft day is getting closer are you ready?

Some of the questions that are being asked are great.  Here are a few more.

Bob from Eat, Sleep, Baseball comes back for more with

“Who do you think could possibly be the biggest steal thins year? Should
I draft old or young? I mean I know I want guys in their prime but if I
can’t get them who sound I pick. Third, Do fielding stats count? Fourth
Which prospect do you think will have the best stats. And Lastly I’m
looking into Andre Ethier a lot right now. Where would you rank him
among rightfielders, outfielders, and every player”

There’s a lot of ways I can go about this series of questions, but here it goes.

It’s your call.  If I answer these questions then it becomes my team and not yours…
Do the research, seek out the guys from fantasy 411,  your looking for data not opinion at this point.  Most of all it’s a coin flip either way, so it’s your call.  People, especially players are fickle creatures and the chances of my suggestion being correct is just as likely as the other.

What I can answer, no Fielding stats don’t count in our league.

Thanks for the questions!

And next Lissi from Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl
“I just did a mock draft and it didn’t put my presaved rankings on the
draft. I thought it said it would do that. It also didn’t look like it
said it would or like what my friends’ (he was dong ESPN) looked like.
Are the mock drafts a different format than the real thing? I thought
they were supposed to be the same. My main problem was them not
reordering my picks like I had them already. I thought that was the
point of the the PreRanking.

Hmm, it really should keep your rankings on the ESPN site.  I would keep trying. 


Fantasy Baseball 101: The Learning Material

Good morning class and welcome fantasy baseball 101.

This series is to help those who needs an introduction to the next best thing to being in the game, fantasy baseball.  It’s also to help out my fellow bloggers who are joining our MLB Blogger’s League to see who can come up on top. 

Do you have an MLB Blog and not apart of our league?  Comment here and we’ll get a team setup for you!

I thought I might start off this class with some good reading materials.

Start out with the obivious

Fantasy 411 Blog and Podcast
This is an excellent way to read and hear about what’s going on in baseball from a fantasy perspective.  Now these guys know their fantasy baseball, but they are geared more toward an intermediate to expert class of fantasy manager, not so much a beginner.  But it never hurts to hear it even if it does bring more questions than answers.

Baseball HQ Radio
Again a good place to get a little blog and a little podcast of what’s going on in baseball fantasy style

The RotoTimes.com
Pretty much anything with “roto” in it is good for fantasy information.  This is a place where you can find basics information, news and much more

The Fantasy Cafe
More specifically a page at the fantasy cafe which gives you links to a ton of fantasy baseball information sites.

CBS Fantasy Baseball Homepage
You want a page full of stats…this is it.

Mock Draft Central
The draft got you a little worried.  Don’t.   Go here learn and practice.  Make a free account, do a few mock drafts with who ever is there, and while you’re waiting your turn ask some questions.  It’s a game in itself!

ESPN Draft
Want to go through the motions of the draft that we’ll be doing here soon?  This is the place.
You can’t get any better practice than this.

If your serious about winning, I highly recommend spending some real time at ESPN’s Draft Kit Page and getting familiar with everyone in the top 50.  Download the cheat sheets, and start figuring out who you want and who you want if he’s taken before you get to him, and then finally who you’ll take if HE’s taken.

There is also plenty of magazines out there for you to pick up at your local book store.  They are nice, and informative, but you can find all the info you’re going to find there in the sites listed above.

Fantasy baseball takes the love of baseball, and then incorporates what an owner must feel like and put into one dot com package  Think about that as I start working on the next topic for our class..

Your homework assignment…what do you think  READ!