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Hot Dog Monday’s And Baseball On My Mind


I may not be a fan of the Cubs, but I do what they brought to food! Chicago deep dish pizza, dipped sandwiches, and of course the Chicago Dog.

This a good news kind of Monday

First up, The Reds minus one dumb pickup (aka Madson) are healthy and looking good for opening day. I always worry a bit of what injuries will come out of Spring Training. I think this year we came out ok. Now all we have to do is get our pitching rotation worked out and we will be off to races!

What’s my opinion on the rotation? It’s fine as is, if we put Bailey in the bull pen and Chapman as a starter. Bailey is trade bait in my opinion, we’ve given him every chance in Cincy to make it happen with little help in the win column for it. It’s time to give another team a chance with him and hopefully recoup some of the money or talent that we lost with Madson being out for the year. Will the Reds do this? Probably not, should they…absolutely. Beyond that I look forward to Opening Afternoon

Yes folks it’s not Opening Night, it’s not Opening Day, It’s Opening Afternoon this year. The Marlins will be in town at 4pm after a late night game opening their new stadium. This will go one of two ways for the Reds, either they will be worn out and it’ll be an easy win for the Reds or they will still be on a adrenaline high and it could be really bad. Time will tell, but I’ll be happy to be sitting in my seat with a slice of LaRossa’s pizza either way.

Next stop on the happy train is I HAVE FOUND A FANTASY TEAM TO JOIN!!

Sadly my bloggers have given up on me (and I don’t blame them) So I was looking elsewhere for a league. To tell you how desperate it got, I’m on a league with a bunch of guys who work for Subaru in their eco friendly division. I don’t work for Suburu or any car company, I don’t drive a Subaru, and my current vehicle is far from eco friendly. Random fate really did bring this team to me. My team is the Rambling Reds. I’ll be asking for help during the season, so feel free to give me advice.

At this point all I can say is… The boys are playing their last spring training game today, tomorrow they fly back to Cincy, they get a good night’s sleep and then they line up on the starting line of America’s Marathon…Baseball

I can’t wait.


Let’s Talk Fantasy Baseball

I know, I know…I always say I want to run a league and then fall short. I’m a busy guy, what can I say?

At this point I’m willing to put together a league or join someone else’s.

I’m willing to do just a free, fun league or put some money into it. I’m good either way.

So if you are someone who enjoys baseball, and wants to either invite me to your league or wants me to create one. Let me know!

Say Goodbye To Football, and Hello To Baseball

Well today is the day. It’s the day that the football season hits it peak and then starts on in downhill slide into the offseason. The Patriots and the Giants put on a good show, but it’s just that a show. Vegas knew, Indy fans new, and most of the NFL knew how this game was going to end before it began.

Here comes baseball.

A mere 11 days away for most, we are just waiting to see the sports networks star to change their programming over to signs of baseball. At first it will be meaningless shots of fielders throwing the ball around, and a few guys standing around the batting cage. Then the spring training games will start. The few die hard fans will listen to a radio broadcast of them when available, just looking for some sign that there is a chance the team they left in September is better in March.

We’ve already started seeing the hype articles, read your mlb.com articles for your team. You’ll notice that new writers are spending some time writing some positive article telling you why you should be excited for this season. Where’s your normal beat writer? He’s still sleeping and developing his ideas of the season, he wouldn’t tag his name to these puff pieces. That’s okay though, we need the hype, if we don’t then how can we get the blood flowing toward the season.

All I can say at this point is bring it on.

I need a fantasy league to join.
I need to hear Marty and the gang on the radio.
I need my Opening Day tickets.
I need my MLB At Bat App 2012
I need a hot dog with mustard, relish and onion like true fans have them.

MLB Bloggers League is Reporting For A 3rd Season!

It’s that time again and we are moving!  This year we will be having the league over on the CBS site as it’s the Fantasy League of MLB.  With this again we are hoping to gain some publicity.  There isn’t a whole lot of rules of who can play as they allow up to 30 teams!  The major rule is that you have to have a blog or be a contributor to a blog on mlblogs.mlb.com . 

So with that being said we have a few questions to answer.

1.       Are you in?  If so post a comment here or send me an email to peteroselives@redsmvp.com please include your name and a link to your blog.

2.       Would you be interested in donating money to the commissioner level of this program.    We would need to raise $160.  Which if we have as many teams as we did last year we are talking between $10 and $15 each. (Which game day by itself is usually around $20 if you buy it on your own…hint..hint)  We would collect it via my paypal account.

a.       What this gives you

                                                               i.      is a lot additional information that helps you in fantasy baseball

                                                             ii.      An actual trophy for the winner

                                                            iii.      MLB Gameday for everyone

3.       When would you like to have the draft?

4.       Are there any rules that you would like put in place?

The thought would be that we spend the next couple weeks putting this together, and then schedule a draft toward the end of spring training.  This way you can see how trades finalize and got to hear a little bit from the camps on how the teams have been doing.


Another great year of baseball is ahead of us!  So the question is would you like to play or sit on the bench?

Disclaimer: This is not as of yet a real competitive league with more than just a few real serious players.  The fundamental of fantasy baseball are key and is a real relaxed group. 

Soo Much Baseball Sooo Little Time!

Ever been truly frustrated at all the things you want to get done, but can’t
seem to find the time to complete.  That’s where I’m at.

I’ve got a fantasy league(s) to organize

I’ve got leagues I’m in that I’ve got to get my draft plan together

I’ve got spring training games to watch or listen to!

I’ve got MLB2K10 to

Mind you that includes 1 franchise team

3 online leagues

and MY fantasy career of playing for the Reds as their new
left fielder

These all take at least 30 minutes each per day.

Then of course, I have this blog to write.

And with Little League just around the corner…

Mind you that this doesn’t include my regular life activities (looking for
work, school, fiancé, son, friends, learning how to create I Phone Apps..the
list goes on and on)


I know it’s a hard life I lead..but rest assured I’ll make it work.


What are your favorite things to do to get into the baseball spirit?

The League Is Full!

Congrats to those who managed to get a spot on our highly prized league!  We now have 20 teams heading into this years league, and I am now creating a backup list of owners if in case anyone decides they don’t want to play before draft time. 


Here are the teams we have thus far!

Indianapolis Cob’s (me)

Bay Area King of Cali

Julia’s Ranters

Rays Renegade (Our current Champ)

Team Clemson

Team Diatribe

Met’s Main Man’s New York

Bob’s Boston Green Sox

Rambling Ramblers

Braves World

Austin James Dreamers

How About Them Orangebirds

The Mets Blog of Raleigh

Headline Guy

Bottom Line

Team Locos Azules

Milledge People

and two teams who have yet to create names one for the Reds and the other  is a Red Sox’s blog.


A suggestion to our team owners, if you’d like to get a “coach or player manager” to help you out during the year I have no problem at all.  My suggestion would be to post an entry on your blog about our league and take resumes.  The season is long and hard to maintain, and having a second pair of hands never hurts, I of course would prefer them to be a blogger, but it’s not a requirement.  Just let me know so that I can add them as a 2nd owner to your team.  Maybe even comment below to see what kind of feedback you get.  It might even be cool if your 2nd owner has the same favorite team as you.  Puts forth another thing to smack talk about “Who makes better fantasy owners Sox fans or Reds fans?”


In the mean time get to mock drafting on ESPN and pick up a fantasy kit either from Bloomberg, ESPN or Yahoo.  They all have their pluses and minuses, so whatever works for you is what’s best.  Then start listening to the fantasy podcasts out there to get a head start on strategy.

Well Not Bad…

2nd in my division 3rd over all…in fantasy baseball that is.

The MLB blogger’s are doing a great job of keeping this league interesting, and their definitely is a lot of thought being put into it! 

How’s your fantasy leagues going and if your in our MLB Blog League what have you learned so far?  Are you as good or as bad as you thought?

I know I spend about 3 hours a week looking over stats and determining what’s my next move, and for me that’s a lot to spend on fantasy anything!