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COBF: Hot Dog Monday

There’s someting about a good hot dog and baseball


So I’m sitting a DJ’s hot dog’s here in Indy, having what’s known as an Arizona Dog (Chili, Cheese, onion on a popyseed bun) with some crinkle fries. Looking out on a rainy March day, everyone else here in Indy is thinking about our old Quarterback (ok, so is most of the sports watching nation) and their brackets (ok, again so is most of the nation)

Me.. it’s all about baseball.

I’ve got my little league draft in less than 24hrs, I’m getting grumpy because I can’t find people to play fantasy baseball with (anyone know a league I can join?), and the Reds are doing fine in spring training.

What have we seen thanks to MLB at bat (since the regular channels haven’t started showing them..hint…hint) the last few days?

Votto is looking good, and is looking confident which is even better. Just keep it going Joey, and be nice to me and give us a discount to keep you a few more years after this one.

Phillips is being a media hound. Which is normal, I just hope he can keep it up while staying the gold glove guy that he is. He’s earned the right to do what he wants, so I’ll stop here.

I want to see more of our pickups from the off season. Latos and the other guy..

And Corky…I get it, he’s there as a supporting role…but man give this guy more playing time. This past weekend was just an example that he’s still got stuff left to do on the field.

What does that leave us? The rest of the cast who have been living up to expectations. I really am okay with the way things are going so far. Sure I wish we didn’t end up as a punching bag for some inning to the A’s and their new stars (Manny, and the guy who I would have to cut and paste to spell correctly…give that guy a nickname already) and I’m happy that Posey is doing okay for the Giants. I’m little disappointed it takes another team to get us airplay, but I’ll take whatever it takes.

What’s your thoughts?
What’s your favorite hot dog?


Say Goodbye To Football, and Hello To Baseball

Well today is the day. It’s the day that the football season hits it peak and then starts on in downhill slide into the offseason. The Patriots and the Giants put on a good show, but it’s just that a show. Vegas knew, Indy fans new, and most of the NFL knew how this game was going to end before it began.

Here comes baseball.

A mere 11 days away for most, we are just waiting to see the sports networks star to change their programming over to signs of baseball. At first it will be meaningless shots of fielders throwing the ball around, and a few guys standing around the batting cage. Then the spring training games will start. The few die hard fans will listen to a radio broadcast of them when available, just looking for some sign that there is a chance the team they left in September is better in March.

We’ve already started seeing the hype articles, read your mlb.com articles for your team. You’ll notice that new writers are spending some time writing some positive article telling you why you should be excited for this season. Where’s your normal beat writer? He’s still sleeping and developing his ideas of the season, he wouldn’t tag his name to these puff pieces. That’s okay though, we need the hype, if we don’t then how can we get the blood flowing toward the season.

All I can say at this point is bring it on.

I need a fantasy league to join.
I need to hear Marty and the gang on the radio.
I need my Opening Day tickets.
I need my MLB At Bat App 2012
I need a hot dog with mustard, relish and onion like true fans have them.

I Always Like The Look Of The Stadium After A Good Sweep…

Look how pretty GABP looks.. I alway like it after a Good SWEEP!

Our Reds kicked butt this past weekend! I can’t believe that we took on the World Series Champs and owned them as much as we did. Yesterday watching Cueto work made me almost believe that he really is the pitcher that the announcers keep pressing on me to believe.

Dusty Baker…Who Is This Guy?

I’ve read what they have written professionaly about him on the reds website, but who is Dusty Baker?  I know he was a coach for the cubs, I know he was a coach for the Dodgers, and yes I know he’s known for liking veterans over rookies.


What I don’t see is anything other than the fact that he’s been known to bring a winning season along with him in his youth.  He’s got nada in the World Series department since being a manager.  All the same I here nothing but praises and how wonderful of a skipper he is.  I want to believe in him, but really I need you Cubs fans, Giants fans, and Dodger fans to come out and tell me why I’m lucky to have him as our leader.

What do you think I should expect from him in 09?

He came with a lot of strong praise from the fans in the beginning of 08.  I still have a ringing sensation in my ear hearing the cheers when he took the field at opening day this past year. 

While we’re on this topic, what does a coach really bring to the team at the major league level?  On a day to day basis what do you think the coach does?  I mean really does, with hitting coaches, fielding coaches, pitching coaches, and a mess of other advisers is he really just a funnel for all of them and is the unified voice?  That would just make him a figure head and not really a leader.  If this is true why does it matter who we have there?  Could I do the job just as well?