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What Can You Take Away From Spring Training Games?

When I was a Reds fan before I didn’t pay attention to baseball till the season started.  The fact that their was 33 games before the season started in the fruit league didn’t seem to be a high priority for me to pay attention to.

Today however, with a new found love of a baseball, a team with a ton of new talent and emerging talent I find myself listening to the games on radio as much as possible.  With four games already done I was impressed with our outing against the Rays, not so much against the Sox, okay against the Phillies, and now were battling it out with the Yankees as we speak with 9 of our best heading out the the baseball classic.  So my question is strictly fan based.

What are we supposed to take away from these games?

On may occasions over the last week I’ve seen them make sweeping changes to the roster all in an effort to get people to game time.  Does the win or lost really mean anything to us?  Or is it really about getting in some game time against another high caliber team?

What ever the answer is I’m glad to listen to game regardless and get a feel for what we have as far as guys for the upcoming season.



Editor’s Note: To all my loyal readers I apologize for the long drought of articles between my last few and now.  Between getting ready for fantasy baseball season, getting ready for little league ball, work and family I just ran out of time.  I would rather give you something good to read or something to get steamed about than just sling something out just to say I did.  Thanks again, and now on with the show!

by Cob

The count down has come to an end,
and they boys of summer are back and there will be ball games to attend.
A spring training league usually named after a fruit
With a bunch of players trying to become the next big recruit.

It brings a tear to my eye to see the scoreboard come back to life on MLB.com
Brings back the memories of hot dogs that was brought  to me by some lady named mom.
So pack up the peanuts and a hidden flask of your favorite drink.
Because baseball is coming…coming much sooner than you think!

We’re t-minus 1hr and 10 mins from the first pitch at the time I write this blog.  I love baseball, don’t get me wrong, but today is the day.  It’s not really about the game today for me as it is the day of mental preparation.

The marathon starts today.

Eight months of baseball starts today
Six months of fantasy baseball starts today
Five months of little league baseball starts today (ok there’s a month of planning in there, but you get the point)

November through today is the rest break before the endurance challenge begins.  You spend Novemember saying thank god it’s over, how could THAT team ever win a World Series, and how the heck was I so fooled into think MY  team ever had a chance of anything in 2008.  You boycott baseball for a little bit.

Then comes the winter meetings

You start hearing news of new players joining your team, and maybe, just maybe they’ve fixed the issues that will make your team a contender this year.  Or in my case just hoping to break .500.  Yep this is where the fence begins to mend in  your mind.  You begin reading articles, listening to podcasts, and looking at stats again….all be it occasionally, definately not daily, but you do.

Then it happens

Weekly migrates to daily, a rant begins to form, you start going to sports bars at lunch just to see if there is anything good on.  You go to your teams winter caravan to tell your teams coach what the heck he’s doing wrong, but really your actually just happy to be around baseball friends it feels like Christmas all over again and your aggravation just melts away.

Now your craving baseball.

So much that your girl can’t stand to be around you because your even more obsessed than you were the weeks before.  Theres only one cure for this.