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Ahh The Off Season

I know.. I know, but really what do you expect? What can I say, I serve a lot of masters and once the offseason starts I seem to find more time.

So what do we have to talk about? Ok it might be simpler to say what are we not talking about?

We’ve got a 2012 season that may not be a lock for us to win the division, but the odds definitely got better.

We have us being nice to the Cubs and the Padres trading our farm system to them. (ok it just felt like it)

We’ve got bad news for Pete, with two more years of Bud (and I’m not talking about the beer or the narcotic)

Those should be good enough starts to get my 2012 writing bug some focus.


I’m Standing Over My Stove…Where’s The Heat!

Walt drove the 2 hours to come to Indy to save money.

He used is Hyatt points to pay for his hotel room.

He took his winter meeting crew to subway instead of St. Elmo’s Steak house to keep it in perspective.

Sub.jpgAnd we’re suprised it’s day 3 of the meetings and he hasn’t done anything?  I’m not. 

As someone else wrote earlier today “Walt’s waiting for the phone to ring, because he’s not paying for outbound calls”

He’s told us that it’s going to be a budget watching year.

He told us that we’re not going to do a lot this off season.

cocktail.jpgWe even had worries (that he put to rest) that we would be cutting key players during the off season to save money.

So here we are toward the end of the Winter Meetings and all I can read from Reds bloggers and some reporters is complaints over the Reds not doing anything other than drinking the coffee.  Why?  Go enjoy Indy, have a steak, drink a beer, enjoy a show, visit the Speedway and then go home.

I’m watching the MLB.com coverage of the winter meetings and they are even complaining that EVERYONE is quiet so the Reds should be in perspective dead.

We did have a little news about Gomes, a completely nuts rumor about Tejada, maybe something about the Brewers Counsell which looks like a good fit, and Mariner’s Izturis who I’m on the fence with. 

So Reds fans relax, this doesn’t mean anything, if we go the whole offseason with no real news then we’ve got issues.  No news at the winter meetings doesnt’ mean a whole lot.