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Holy Information Super Highway Batman!

Disclaimer..This is not meant to be in any way deroggatory toward MLB, MLB.com, MLBlogs, TBS, or any other faction that may be involved in the Post Season.

Now that I have your attention and managed to get all my keywords in the first few lines…*grin*


I’m sitting here in my living room preping for tomorrow. (now today..I took a while to complete this one) You see here in Indiana the games will start around 2:30pm.  I have to decide how to go about this, you see MLB has given me too many options.

I’ve got regular TV with TBS

I’ve got mlb.com with TBS giving me gameday, audio, stats

I’ve got twitter, facebook, etc

I’ve got my I phone giving me post season updates, video updates, and audio

I’ve got the postseason website from MLB

and of course the blog.

So how do I possibly update, check, listen,blog, and more while really enjoying the game!

 I want to give MLB a round of applause for being the most interactive sport I know.  (Take that NFL!)

So tell me how you’re watching or emmersing yourself in the games this week?



Mobile Blog Entries

Moveable type, MLB Blogging, all of this blogging goodness but I can’t figure out how to blog from my I phone with it.  I’ve looked into apps, I’ve tried to create my own link with little luck.  Anyone had any sucess with blogging to the MLB blogs with their I phone or other mobile device?  If so I’m listening and willing to give all sorts of praise on my site for this information.

At Bat 2009 and Baseball With The I Phone

So twenty five percent into the season and new fans are being created, people are looking for information on the go, information they can get on their own terms…hmmm there’s an app for that!

It’s true MLB has created an awesome app for MLB fans called MLB At Bat 2009  this app brings the game to you where ever you are.

The Good

A great app for those who want highlights, audio, scores and standings any time, any where.

A great app to be able to watch the game from a stats point of view in real time.

A great app to to watch your favorite team or to get a summary of a game in under ten minutes.


The Bad

Not a news source, they do have a link to MLB’s main page, but still lacking in ease to use.  Which is suprising since they spend so much time and money on keeping all the sites up to date, why wouldn’t they RSS feed the app?  My copy of MLB 2K9 keeps me more informed and it’s a video game on my Xbox.  Not good.

No fantasy information.  I can’t use this app to help keep my leagues going.  Either on MLB or other sites.

Not able to blog from it!

What I wouldn’t have paid for the ability to come here and take pictures live, blog live, and post live from the game.  It would be great!  In between innings, before and after the game, ect.

At Bat 2009 is definately better than the previous year’s, but it still has some room to grow to be my only I Phone App for baseball.




MLB At Bat 2009 For The I Phone

Do you have an I Phone?

Are you a baseball fan?

Do you have the At Bat App?

If not, then you’re a loser and you should return your I Phone immediately

Really…I’m not kidding either return your I Phone back to the store in which you purchased it, or give it to a real gadget geek who is a baseball fan.

yet, take the sim card out and send it to me, it would better be served
as a podcast storage unit then be anywhere near you.


is how I would feel if this wasn’t like the first app I installed when
I got my I phone and if I hadn’t know about it till now.

At Bat 2009
is one of the best apps out there for the I Phone and it’s not just
because I’m a baseball fan.  It’s well built, it gives you exactly what
a ball fan needs and not bunch of useless extras.  It’s simply great.

It gives you:
play by play of any game you want
highlights of the game minutes after they were actually considered highlights

In 2009
You get the audio show too.

and much more….

Have it do fantasy changes for your MLB fantasy league and it really would be an all in one wonder.

The word is wow..

MLB Rocks In Cyberspace

Name a sport that does as well on the internet as the MLB?  I’m sitting here in front of my PC just wondering how much better it will get in 09 in the advancements of fan interaction than what the MLB has already given us.

We’ve got the basics
MLB.com one of the best layouts for sports information given.  A once source, no more than 3 clicks away database of everything baseball.  Players, stats, teams, news, rumors, message boards, shopping, blogging, and the list goes on and on.

MLB Mobile One of those fans that needs their news on the go, or likes to be able to check out stats, scores, ect where ever you are?  MLB mobile is awwwesome!  They’ve got it setup for your basic cell phone users, your black berry users, and for the high end you can do everything in the palm of your hand I Phone users!!! 

Me being one of them of course, I Phone user here (raising his hand geekishly)  I’ll write a whole nother article about the wonders of the MLB At Bat application, but it’s worth an extra note here.  If your a baseball fan, and you own an I Phone and don’t have this application I ask you “What kind of baseball geek are you?”

Then we go to the next level
The joys of MLB.TV You guessed it, baseball on your laptop.  Streaming TV of your favorite team or really any team, any game, any time.  I can’t tell you how many nights this was my best friend in 08.  I was at work or somewhere when the game was on and bored .  MLB.TV was there.

When the season starts you have Game Day Audio this is my friend when I’m actually trying to get work done and don’t want to be staring into my tv or laptop screen the whole time.  This with the play by play off the main page and I can listen and catch up on a game in progress while getting what needs to be done to pay the bills done all at the same time.  Any game, not just my beloved Reds.