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Hot Dog Monday’s: The New York Edition, because It’s Big


So I went to the Indianapolis Indians opening day/night Friday with my new formed
Indianapolis Baseball Fan Society We watched the game, we drank, we laughed at my son’s jokes, we watched fireworks and then we called it a night. That’s what a time at the ball park is all about right? The Indians won with some questionable calls at 3rd, but overall it worked out nicely.

Saturday was supposed to be little league and then another Indians game, but the weather, my son sleeping till 3pm and a Reds game on at 4 put a stop to that. It rained, and rained so we watched the Reds game against the Nationals that I’d rather forget. Not so much because we lost, because we did, but there were just too many reasons to wonder what we were thinking during the game to watch.

Sunday, double header Indians game due to the rain out on Sunday. Which turned into 17 innings of baseball and listening to the Reds game on the radio. Let me just say 17 innings of baseball in front of me, and another 9 listening on the phone, and a couple hours of MLB 2K12 is a lot of baseball for one day. The Indians split the double header with the manager getting eject in the 10th of the last game on a “really it was a foul ball homer” The Reds finally win a game against the Nationals due to a grand slam by our new left fielder Ludwick.

And the dog? Let’s be honest Sauerkraut belongs on Rubens and pretzel rolls I’m just not sure what they are good for.
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Hot Dog Monday’s After Opening Week


What a past few days!

My opening day post from Great American Ballpark for some reason didn’t take, so all I can say from that experience is that it was a great game.

Scott Rolen was great, Votto did ok, Bruce was on it, Cueto pitched like I’ve never seen him pitch before. This was the Reds team I drove 100 miles to see!

My negative (because yes there has to be one) The food spots at GABP need to be better prepared. They haven’t let me down in years, but today was the day.

Tried going to the new Food Network Hot Dog experience…they were out of baked beans, and fritos for their signature dog. Tried to get the mac and cheese…long since gone… Tried to get the sloppy joes…sure if I only wanted a half scoop as they ran out there too.

Tried to get some La Rossa pizza…same story

So I settled on a regular hot dog and a beer, saving me money in the end, but losing a considerable amount of time watching the game!

I’m doing my best to support Joey’s payroll by buying novelties, tickets, and FOOD at the game. This should not be a hurdle for me.

Enough on this.

Saturday’s game, we lost…but these things happen. No one goes undefeated in baseball, and it was nice to get it out of the way. It was a beautiful night game. I’m not going to dwell on this.

Sunday’s game, sadly I had family things to do (Easter and all) but I did watch the recap online and it looks like it was a good game with another good showing by Scott Rolen. Man I hope he can keep doing what he’s doing now.

Tonight is going to be a tough matchup, Reds vs Cardinals with Latos on the mound. We’ve seen him in Spring Training, now it’s time to see what happens when he hits the mound. Should be really interesting. I know I’ll be listening just as soon as little league practice is over.

My final random note of the day is that the Indianapolis Indians start up this Friday night at home. I’m going to do my best to blog from the park, but there may be some blogging on Monday to cover it…let’s be honest I love my seats, my hot dogs, and my baseball…

Taco Salad Mondays…Sorry too many hot dogs over the weekend..

Not sure what the weather is like in your area, but in Indy it’s hot and working it’s way to muggy. Which means that the season is here.

This year I’m going to do some more blogging about the Indianapolis Indians than I did last year. The reason for this is that with my new job Victory Field is within eyesight and that was a huge plus to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still be watching my Reds games and/or listening to them on the radio (which can still at times be the best way)

So on to my baseball thoughts of the week.

First off, we are two weeks away from starting this marathon and we just cut down our roster. Talk about making sure we picked the right guys. This happens and I’m okay with it, but it makes me wonder if this was because the talent was just that good, or that we had some real questions and didn’t know who had the answers.

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty! I like seeing you heathy and hitting homers. Enough said.

Corky’s still the most under rated player in spring training. He’s picking off runners, hitting ok, it’s just sad to know this is his prime time.

How much longer till we really know the rotation? Will Chapman really make it full time before Homer Bailey…if so why so much loyalty to him?

A Year in Review

I was reading Mark Sheldon’s really well written article of the Red’s Year In Review and I was reflecting on what all happened.  The good, the bad, and well the ugly.  It made me think a lot about why I took baseball back up as a sport to be a fan of.  To be honest while it was happening I was not sure why I’d become a baseball fan again, much less a Reds fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I always followed how the Redlegs were doing.  It was more of a every other week kind of thing and then catch up what happened in baseball as a whole about once a month.  This was all very casual, and then around October I’d get excited about the race and the World Series to be surprised that I had no clue how or why the teams that got there, well …were there.  I’d then listen to the sports announcers and get caught up about all the drama, the controversy and the trades that made it happen and that would help me decide who I was cheering for.

Well this year was year one of my rebirth, I dusted off my point of views, started reading everything I could about my team and what ever else was going on.  I played fantasy baseball and found a new appreciation for it.  The list goes on and on.  But why?  Why baseball?  Why the Reds of all teams?  Why now?  Let’s review.

Why Baseball?
Baseball is a young man’s sport to play and a old man’s sport to watch.  You play it when your young because it has a position for everyone.  Your good at hitting, but not so a fielding take the outfield, your good at fielding but not so good at hitting take the infield.  Your a fat kid, congrats your a catcher.  The list goes on.  It’s a game that allows anyone no matter their ability or phyical makeup to a be a hero if positioned correctly.  Heck that’s what the movie The Bad News Bears was all about!  You could play with a lot of friends or you could practice by yourself.  The point being is when your young, learning your role can be confusing, but it’s an important piece of life as your generally lost without it.  As you get older, and you start putting to use those team skills learned and march out into life you may get too busy for baseball.  That’s what happened to me at least, but you come back.  It’s the sport that you were raised on, it’s the one that you know will always be there.  In Indianapolis where I live, baseball isn’t a big sport, we’ve went from being basketball fans to now a town full of football fans.  It never was baseball, since we don’t actually have a major league team.  We do have a decent minor league team in the Indianapolis Indians, and it draws it’s fair share of fans, but mostly because it’s a good family experience.  This was where it came back to me though.  Sitting on the grassy picnic area behind the outfield watching these guys play while my young son finds new friends to play with.  This is where with a little quiet, a hot dog, and some grass between my fingers I get to remember why this sport means so much to me.  Why I want to apart of this game again, why I want my son to be apart of it, and why I want to share it with him.  Baseball is good.  There’s a lot about it that isn’t, but baseball is good, and yes there really isn’t a lot of good out there anymore so you need to take it in when you have the chance.

Why The Reds?
Why the Reds!!!  I don’t know…why not?  Seriously, I was born in 76, and started hearing about and playing baseball 6 years later.  That makes it the early 80’s and I had the choice of the Cubs or the Reds for a home town team.  In the 80’s which one would you have picked?  Come on!  We had it, we had it with our great team, our nazi loving owner and her dog.  Reguardless of it all we had it, and it was good.  Then several years later when I was a teen and having dreams of what I’d be when I grew up we were back in the thick of it again in the 90’s. 

Why Now?
Now I’m 32 years old, I have a 5 year old son, and a great girlfriend of almost 3 years that loves me more than anything else in the world.  I’m finally to place in my life where it doesn’t suck all the time.  I have a lot of hope for me, and my family.  Yes I even have some hope left over for baseball and the Reds.  We’re a game and a team that needs believers now more than ever, let the politicans of baseball do their thing, let the business people of baseball do their thing, it’s time for the fans to come back and do their thing and that’s bring the good back to baseball.