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3 Weeks

Three weeks of baseball down, and still plenty more to go before this season ends. 

How are our Reds doing? 

Well…they could be better.

The one thing the Reds never have to worry about knowing where they need improvement.  Over the past three weeks I’ve went on a roller coaster of seeing what I want to see from the Reds (Trying to run, trying to play small ball, NOT living and dying by the long ball)  The keyword there is try of course. 

Then I’ve seen the other side that I didn’t want to see.  Aaron Harang falling apart on the mound, people not paying attention on the bases, and just over all fumbling of the opportunity when it’s given to you.

So let’s talk a little bit more about the good.

I like what I see from Dickerson, Gomes (when they play him), Stubbs, and Caberra.  Votto and Bruce are warming up to what I want to see from them, but they’ve got some room to grow.  An honorable mention goes to the bullpen especially Rhodes.  Most wouldn’t see what improvement and changes he’s made this year, but I sure have and want to see it continue.

Now some more bad…

I’m still steamed about opening day.  I’ve let it cool off, I’ve tried to be opened minded about how things would or should be for an opening day game against the Cardinals.  What should be said, and then put into Reds law until we know better and don’t need it as a law.  YOU INTENTIONALLY WALK THE BEST PLAYER IN YOUR DIVISION AND ARGUEABLY THE LEAGUE!!!  YOU ESPECIALLY WALK HIM AFTER HE HITS A HOME RUN ON HIS FIRST AT BAT!  Come on…let’s be serious at what point do you really pitch to him anyway?  You can be macho about this all you want being a pitcher, “I can beat him, he’s not perfect” ..no  Pujols isn’t perfect, but there is also no shame in walking him. 

Next…What is our deal with the Pirates?   Last place team in our division, versus our middle of the division team…our middle should win, not get swept.


So in summary what have we learned?

No pitching to Pujols

Keep up the small ball

It’s still early in the season, so no reason to lose hope yet

What would you like me to write about next?


Spring Is In The Air..

So a few days into spring training is working it’s way into full swing, and
I’m happy to see things getting back to normal.


is officially back apart of the ball club.  I’ll let you read Mark
article to get the details, but I really like this decision. Gomes
needs to be a Red, he needs to become an even bigger player to be feared by
pitchers, and he needs to do it in Cincy.   He gives us what I would consider a
physical player, a “Rose” like player.  He’s not there yet, but I think a little
less pretty boy, and a little more getting dirty is what we need.  We lost that
when we lost Freel earlier.


On my other side is Aroldis
 the media is doing a good job of keeping us informed, but I’m
getting a little scared because everything coming out of camp is “he’s good”,
“he’s doing as well as expected”, and so on.  Is this because they don’t really
know, or is it because we keep pushing them for updates and that’s all they’ve
got?  I’m happy to let go of this story for a while and let him develop, I’d
rather not watch every step he makes.


Speaking of pitchers, it sounds like the 5th spot in the rotation is up for
grabs.  Is this just a management call to put some fire under the pitchers to
make spring training a little more interesting? Or is there really not a solid
person to see in this role?  Time will tell.


Today I gut says I like the Reds chances of a +.500 season.  Sports radio
talk varies us around 3rd and 4th overall, I’m not sure yet if I’m willing to
pigeon hole us there yet.  We’ve made the moves, we’ve spent the money, now it’s
a matter of putting it all together.  Really what’s not to like?

Pitchers and Catchers Fall In!!

The day is finally upon us.  In just a matter of hours what I consider the starting gun of the baseball season will have fired!


This is the time of year that I get amped up listening to the writers talk about what and who they’ve seen practicing, and then who is and isn’t over hyped. 

This is year of course is a special year for the Reds, we are opening a new spring training location in Goodyear, AZ.  If you want to see more of what the new complex looks like I would direct you to Better Off Red he’s got the inside track on this because he actually works for the Reds. 

So what will we be waiting to hear in the next week?  What Aroldis Chapman is going to do.  He’s already been throwing according to various sources, but the story out of those throws goes in many different ways.  Messaging back and forth with Reds MLB.com writer Mark Sheldon he is recommending waiting till the spring training season begins before passing any kind of judgment.

There are a few players still hanging out there on the line, but this is normal from what I can tell or figure from the wires.  The one that concerns me the most is Jonny Gomes.  Personally he was a hot and cold player for me.  He was a solid player on the field, but was rather cold to the fans.  I’m ok with that as long as he’s hot with a bat or something else of note.  Which for us he was great, but against the rest of the world…well let’s just say he has some growing to do.  I do however have faith he will be a strong player for whoever gets him.

Gomes…Taveras…Nix…Now We Have a Reds Reality Show

The off season is getting ready for full swing, and after reading the articles and twitter the stove is hot asking questions about these three guys.


Jonny Gomes: What’s not to like he’s rough, he hits ok, he had a good HR year with 20 and  he’s not a bad left fielder (okay he’s not great, but he is good) ok so maybe there are a few things not to like.  But how much better do we really have?  Arbitraition?  Hmmm…don’t know what do you think?

Willy Taveras: What’s to like? The Reds will drop 4 million (one of the highest paid players on the team) and thus far we haven’t gotten what we’ve paid for from last years investment.  I know it’s not the MLB way, but we you have the season Willy did I really think the player should want to drop his salary down into the basement to assure his spot in the lineup so that he can fix his image and his stats.  Mark Sheldon says “He’s rather one dimensional in that he only plays center field, has no power for any quick offensive boost, doesn’t bunt well, doesn’t play great defense and he doesn’t excel at getting on base. Although Taveras is certainly a good person, I also can’t see him being a happy clubhouse presence as a reserve player”  What I hope for is that he comes in and blows our socks off, but most are telling me not to hold my breath.

Laynce Nix: Everyone is pointing toward the fact that he’s the closest to the door, not saying he’s out it yet but almost.  He’s one I really actually want us to keep.  I think 29 is a bit old for our rebuilding idea, but I just feel he is the power that we’re missing.