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Twins Vs Yankees Post Season Game 1

Here comes game 2 of the night!

Twins @ Yankees.

I’m sure I’ll be looking at some heat from Jane during this entry.  So I’ll be smart and not post it till I’m ready for the heat.

I mean really do you want this chick mad at you?


I mean this is a lady who lives in CA, that has at least two teams in the run, but she’s still a Yankee fan.  I’m not saying she’s got mob connections, but this is a lady who has an online spokes person talk for her.  I call it a good source of deniability.

Of course I’m kidding, I actually don’t know her well enough to even make these jokes….

*knock at my door*

Who is it?…I don’t know anyone named Louie.

Okay, okay enough free press for Jane. Now to the game.


mobster.jpgAt least that’s what Louie told me, and do you argue with a guy who looks like this?  No..No..No…


We’re moving into the 2nd inning and CC is doing what he does best, shutting down hitters.  I’ll admit I haven’t paid to much attention to CC this year.  I watched him when he was on the other side with the Brewers, but not him with the Yankees.  What do you think of him?  He just completed his 4th strike out as I was writing this.

What I’m worried about while watching the Yankees defense is that their outfielders (in particular center field) doesn’t seem all that quick.  CC will keep them busy, but the Twins can and will hit, so if they can’t keep the defense up they will be in trouble.  Of course as I write this the Yanks just cut down the last player and we’re moving to the bottom of the 2nd.

I’m going to twitter a bit and let you guys catch up.  Give me some comments to work with! 



Ok so I took time to eat and spend time with my wonderful wife to be…sue me..

It’s the top of the 8th.

I’ve managed to cook dinner and not burn myself while watching and listening to the game.  Julia  reminded me that mexican food is good.  Okay she really didn’t have to remind me, but she had tacos last night that she didn’t share with me for some bad reason like we live in different parts of the country…  In that time the Twins managed to score, but the Yanks well…they scored more 2 to 7.  Two homers by Matsui and and Jeter show where some of the points came from.

Why are the Yanks going through pitchers like this is some audition?  They’re working on a third pitcher to finally get to Joba.  Joba then gets the last batter out to end this half, moving on to the Twins defensively. 

Which went quick, here comes the 9th

Twins are tired.  They didn’t get in till 4:30am, that has to be it.  I expect the Yankees to win, but not like this.  That’s just the thought that keeps going through my head while watching this.

And goodbye Joba.  What was that like 3 pitches?

I have noticed that Yankees are giving away game balls like crazy, but I guess if you’re paying as much as you are for those seats I would imagine they all deserve a ball.

Twins are not going down easy putting guys on 1st and 3rd.  Rivera is letting the guys have a little light before the game is done.

Funny note, the camera man tripped while taping the congrats hi fives.

So in Summary I don’t know.  My guts tell me to say watch out Yanks because the Twins will be coming back to get you tons harder than tonight.


I don’t know if it will be enough, the Yankees are a force to be recognized.

MVP by Cob: Jeter







Fantasy Baseball Week: Day 1 of Questions and Answers

Welcome to day 2 of fantasy baseball week!

Today we answer two questions from our MLB Bloggers. Which reminds me that if you do have an MLB blog and would like to be apart of our fantasy keeper league feel free to contact me!

First comes Bob from Eat, Sleep, baseball and he asks,

“Okay well. Right now I’m making a depth chart of what players I want.
Should I just make a long list of who I want in order and then cross
them out when they get drafted? And what if I can’t come to the
computer when I draft?”

Good question!  The answer is very simple.  Yes!  The key to a good fantasy plan is to have a list double and possibly even triple what you need to complete your roster.  Prioritizing the best of that position toward the top.  Since our league has 12+ people in it, you WILL NOT get an all star at all positions, most may not even get one.  So don’t be discouraged by your picks if they don’t include a Manny or Jeter type player, most won’t have them either and we all know how injuries or slumps go even if you have one it doesn’t lock in the stats he pulled for 2008.  The bigger the league the more challenging it becomes to our league coaches to know their stuff.  As far as not being at the computer, log into your espn baseball site there you will be able to setup your priority list of players for a draft, naturally it’s not the best way since you being their live allows you to make adjustments on the fly, but if you’re not there it will use the list as you organize it to select your players BE CAREFUL doing this, as if you put 6 first basemen at the top of your list and they are not all taken as the rounds go on it will fill in the first base position, the utility position, and the bench with what ever is left for example.  You’ll have no need for 6 big name 1st basemen as you can’t field them, but on the other hand it’s good trade bait for what you do need so at that point it’s a matter of stratedgy.  I would recommend spacing them out though, but then again I’m no authority.

Thanks Bob!

Our last question comes from Julia at Julia Rants and she asks,

Where is the best site for us to go to, to do a mock draft?”

Another good question!  And again the answer is easy for you.  Since we are using ESPN as our home for the MLB Bloggers League go to the ESPN Fantasy Baseball Main Page and midway on the right side there is a link for “select draft” and you can select “mock draft lounge” there you can get into the next mock draft (usually within 5 mins) and try your luck against a random selection of other managers from around the world looking to see how they stack up.  This way you can actually experience the draft with the actual tools you’ll have available to you on Sunday.  Practice getting your draft picks in order on your draft choice lists, getting your paperwork out and coming up with a process on how to keep track of who’s left and who’s not.  When does your key players get picked, so you know if you need to make your selections earlier or later.  The key is to keep drafting, I would highly recommend to our newer fantasy players that you do 5 or 6 drafts before Sunday.  Also in good news, your mock draft results will be emailed to you so you can have a record of how everyone picked and you can use this as research material!

Keep the questions comming!  Another entry is on it’s way later on today.