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Lots of New Faces and Maybe Goodbye to a Freshman

So I read Mark Sheldon’s article (when it comes to Reds news he’s the man..)  and it looks like I have a few new names to get to know.  The Reds may not be big players in the market this winter, but making sure that they’ve got talent in the minors to pull up certainly isn’t going to be an issue or so it would seem.

I’m happy to say that the Reds farm system is definately one of the strongest in the league, and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before it really pays us back for the time and money that goes into it.  (I’ve got faith, what can I say) I just hope we don’t lose them to other teams before we get some benefit out of them.


hello nametag.jpg Chris Heisey, infielder Chris Valaika and pitchers Enerio Del Rosario, Logan Ondrusek, Jordan Smith, Phillippe Valiquette and Travis Wood are the new guys on the block.  With Heisey being the biggest ticket of them all.  (rumors are going around that the Reds PR depart plans to promote on him like they did Bailey before.  Not sure if it’s a good idea, but let’s see what happens)

I think it’s a bit early for me to really feel anything for these guys.  Twitter, the boards, and the news really hasn’t caught up to them.  All I can say is that these are the times I wish my Indianapolis Indians were the AAA team of the Reds and not the Pirates.  It would be nice to see these guys play, but I know that’s asking for too much. 

It’s been a week since we got the news that Nix is a free agent.  My opinion is that I really hope that people just ignore him and he comes back to our AAA team for us to bring back up to the bigs.  I don’t know what it is about him, but I like him.




Gomes…Taveras…Nix…Now We Have a Reds Reality Show

The off season is getting ready for full swing, and after reading the articles and twitter the stove is hot asking questions about these three guys.


Jonny Gomes: What’s not to like he’s rough, he hits ok, he had a good HR year with 20 and  he’s not a bad left fielder (okay he’s not great, but he is good) ok so maybe there are a few things not to like.  But how much better do we really have?  Arbitraition?  Hmmm…don’t know what do you think?

Willy Taveras: What’s to like? The Reds will drop 4 million (one of the highest paid players on the team) and thus far we haven’t gotten what we’ve paid for from last years investment.  I know it’s not the MLB way, but we you have the season Willy did I really think the player should want to drop his salary down into the basement to assure his spot in the lineup so that he can fix his image and his stats.  Mark Sheldon says “He’s rather one dimensional in that he only plays center field, has no power for any quick offensive boost, doesn’t bunt well, doesn’t play great defense and he doesn’t excel at getting on base. Although Taveras is certainly a good person, I also can’t see him being a happy clubhouse presence as a reserve player”  What I hope for is that he comes in and blows our socks off, but most are telling me not to hold my breath.

Laynce Nix: Everyone is pointing toward the fact that he’s the closest to the door, not saying he’s out it yet but almost.  He’s one I really actually want us to keep.  I think 29 is a bit old for our rebuilding idea, but I just feel he is the power that we’re missing.