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When Nothing Is A Good Thing

I’m happy to report that nothing surprising is going on.

Nothing at all…

We didn’t over compensate and spend millions that we didn’t need to.

We didn’t add names to the roster that are half in the bag and are heading to retirement.

We didn’t do anything, that any other team wouldn’t have done.

For once in a long time we’ve done nothing…and I’m happy about it.

We got our Left Fielder, Ryan’s Ludwick is not the best out there, but by far he’s not the worst and he’s proven that he should be on this team. I’ll happily cheer him on in 2013 as long as he stays healthy.

Joey Votto is working his way back to his old self according to the talks he’s had with other writers. I believe that, he’s not the kind of guy just to sit back during the off season and do nothing. He is working those legs and getting that knee back. The early 2013 season will be a real tell for him and he needs to be aware of it. Everyone watches how a player recoups from a major injury, it’s the sign of how he will do later in his career. So he needs for that power to be on display during the first half.


Winter Is Coming, Winter Meetings That Is

As the winter meetings wrap up some new Reds fans would be concerned with the lack of moves made by management. I know I did during the past two meetings. I mean how can you get better if you are not shopping for new talent? This is where I started the phrase “In Jockety we trust” because if you can’t take the man who has rebuilt more than a few teams, put together the core of a World Series team like the Cardinals (that they are still enjoying) and team that has come in 1st place in the central a few times here recently. Then you are being too hard yourself and him. He’s earned the street cred to shop any way he likes, and that’s usually not at the Winter Meetings.

Some good news did come out of this time though. We dumped our multi-million tommy john case known as Ryan Madison to the Angels (I would use some profane language here, but I like keeping it clean when I can) We got Broxton figured out, and we get closer and close to getting Ludwick signed for another year. Ludwick will be an interesting one to see who caves, after a great year he’s proven that he’s got the talent to do big things, which means more money. If he was going to test the market this would be the time. In his case it’s not so much money as it is years in my opinion. As I don’t expect him to match this year’s run consistently in the years that come.

Now who’s got Baseball America’s Team of the Year? Oh that’s right we do! Simply put this means we are playing the game right and are doing things the way that they should be done. It means that real baseball people believe that the Reds are going to compete in the years that come. It’s no longer a fluke, but does it mean we can pull off a World Series or if the organization can finally land the plane on a All Star Game in Cincy? Time will tell.

Off Season, New Faces

I could write a post just breaking down these trades and what they mean to the Reds, but if you are someone who has the ability to read my blog you are also able to head over to mlb.com and do the same thing.

What I will do is give my opinion and hope to spark some interesting conversation about what these trades do for or against the 2012 season.

Let’s start positive.

If you ever listened to legendary HOF sportscaster Marty B or anyone one else on the telecast you are well aware of the Reds desperate need for good, reliable pitching. Each year we look, retool and attempt again at building a rotation that “should” hold up. Sadly this method has failed more often than not. The good is that Walt has seen this, and has taken the weakness in the NL Central to heart and put some money on the line to make this rotation the best it’s been in some time.

This mixture of young and seasoned arms will put some assurance that the pitching staff is coming to win. Which only brings us to making sure our offense (which historically is good) stays on track for another good season.

Now down the dark path

We sold out folks, we broke the financial bank and our farm system for this year. We traded a lot for our new rotation. I know it takes something to get something, but yes I am one who would say we paid a higher price than I think we should of for Latos, and I’m not sure where our heads were on the Cubs deal. It all makes me want to say those famous lines in so many movies We’re in deep now boys, no turning back..

So tell me what you think?