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Winter Is Coming, Winter Meetings That Is

As the winter meetings wrap up some new Reds fans would be concerned with the lack of moves made by management. I know I did during the past two meetings. I mean how can you get better if you are not shopping for new talent? This is where I started the phrase “In Jockety we trust” because if you can’t take the man who has rebuilt more than a few teams, put together the core of a World Series team like the Cardinals (that they are still enjoying) and team that has come in 1st place in the central a few times here recently. Then you are being too hard yourself and him. He’s earned the street cred to shop any way he likes, and that’s usually not at the Winter Meetings.

Some good news did come out of this time though. We dumped our multi-million tommy john case known as Ryan Madison to the Angels (I would use some profane language here, but I like keeping it clean when I can) We got Broxton figured out, and we get closer and close to getting Ludwick signed for another year. Ludwick will be an interesting one to see who caves, after a great year he’s proven that he’s got the talent to do big things, which means more money. If he was going to test the market this would be the time. In his case it’s not so much money as it is years in my opinion. As I don’t expect him to match this year’s run consistently in the years that come.

Now who’s got Baseball America’s Team of the Year? Oh that’s right we do! Simply put this means we are playing the game right and are doing things the way that they should be done. It means that real baseball people believe that the Reds are going to compete in the years that come. It’s no longer a fluke, but does it mean we can pull off a World Series or if the organization can finally land the plane on a All Star Game in Cincy? Time will tell.