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Hot Dog Monday’s: The New York Edition, because It’s Big


So I went to the Indianapolis Indians opening day/night Friday with my new formed
Indianapolis Baseball Fan Society We watched the game, we drank, we laughed at my son’s jokes, we watched fireworks and then we called it a night. That’s what a time at the ball park is all about right? The Indians won with some questionable calls at 3rd, but overall it worked out nicely.

Saturday was supposed to be little league and then another Indians game, but the weather, my son sleeping till 3pm and a Reds game on at 4 put a stop to that. It rained, and rained so we watched the Reds game against the Nationals that I’d rather forget. Not so much because we lost, because we did, but there were just too many reasons to wonder what we were thinking during the game to watch.

Sunday, double header Indians game due to the rain out on Sunday. Which turned into 17 innings of baseball and listening to the Reds game on the radio. Let me just say 17 innings of baseball in front of me, and another 9 listening on the phone, and a couple hours of MLB 2K12 is a lot of baseball for one day. The Indians split the double header with the manager getting eject in the 10th of the last game on a “really it was a foul ball homer” The Reds finally win a game against the Nationals due to a grand slam by our new left fielder Ludwick.

And the dog? Let’s be honest Sauerkraut belongs on Rubens and pretzel rolls I’m just not sure what they are good for.
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