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MLB Bloggers League is Reporting For A 3rd Season!

It’s that time again and we are moving!  This year we will be having the league over on the CBS site as it’s the Fantasy League of MLB.  With this again we are hoping to gain some publicity.  There isn’t a whole lot of rules of who can play as they allow up to 30 teams!  The major rule is that you have to have a blog or be a contributor to a blog on mlblogs.mlb.com . 

So with that being said we have a few questions to answer.

1.       Are you in?  If so post a comment here or send me an email to peteroselives@redsmvp.com please include your name and a link to your blog.

2.       Would you be interested in donating money to the commissioner level of this program.    We would need to raise $160.  Which if we have as many teams as we did last year we are talking between $10 and $15 each. (Which game day by itself is usually around $20 if you buy it on your own…hint..hint)  We would collect it via my paypal account.

a.       What this gives you

                                                               i.      is a lot additional information that helps you in fantasy baseball

                                                             ii.      An actual trophy for the winner

                                                            iii.      MLB Gameday for everyone

3.       When would you like to have the draft?

4.       Are there any rules that you would like put in place?

The thought would be that we spend the next couple weeks putting this together, and then schedule a draft toward the end of spring training.  This way you can see how trades finalize and got to hear a little bit from the camps on how the teams have been doing.


Another great year of baseball is ahead of us!  So the question is would you like to play or sit on the bench?

Disclaimer: This is not as of yet a real competitive league with more than just a few real serious players.  The fundamental of fantasy baseball are key and is a real relaxed group. 


Mobile Blog Entries

Moveable type, MLB Blogging, all of this blogging goodness but I can’t figure out how to blog from my I phone with it.  I’ve looked into apps, I’ve tried to create my own link with little luck.  Anyone had any sucess with blogging to the MLB blogs with their I phone or other mobile device?  If so I’m listening and willing to give all sorts of praise on my site for this information.

Well Not Bad…

2nd in my division 3rd over all…in fantasy baseball that is.

The MLB blogger’s are doing a great job of keeping this league interesting, and their definitely is a lot of thought being put into it! 

How’s your fantasy leagues going and if your in our MLB Blog League what have you learned so far?  Are you as good or as bad as you thought?

I know I spend about 3 hours a week looking over stats and determining what’s my next move, and for me that’s a lot to spend on fantasy anything!

Fantasy Baseball Week!: Let’s Do it!

I know this is a moment I’ve been waiting for!  It’s fantasy baseball week!
fireworks.jpgThis week we start a daily series to get you my faithful readers and my competition in the first annual MLB Bloggers Fantasy League!  (or MLBBFL for short).  There is still this week left to join our league as we are really close to being able to divide into two divisions, but entries coming in this week do come in with a hurdle. 

Our divisions need to be even so there needs to be an even number of teams to play, if you are the last to join and we are not able to find another blogger to play your team may be dropped.  But of course we will make every effort to make that not happen.

So let me know Asap!

MLB Bloggers…Let’s Play Fantasy Baseball Together!

Ok ladies and well…men

Why don’t we have our own fantasy baseball league?  See who knows baseball the best amongst the critics, the raving fans, and the attention starved!  I say we do a free league play with whoever wants to play for an honorary (photo shopped) trophy to place on our site for the year following.  I’m thinking yahoo, but I know the MLB has their own fantasy site that I haven’t tried.  So who’s with me?  Can anyone think of anything else we can do to juice it up a bit and make it a little more worth wild?  Can anyone talk to Mark and see if we could get it some publicity (maybe that be the reward for 1,2.3…some more front page time for their blog?)

Let me know what you think, we do have some time to work out the details.

MLB Blogs Thank You! I’m The Featured Blog!

I wanted to put up a quick note that today I was placed on the MLB Blogs site as the featured blog!  I want to say thanks to whomever makes that happen (and maybe they’ll fix the Reds.com
website and get me notices under their featured Reds blogs there..hint…hint)  It means a lot that my stories of becoming a fan again of the game can grab some attention every now and then.

Gonzo watch out I’m coming for you!  lol

Thanks again,