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MLB Networks Usage of Pete Rose

Business is business..
The one with the money wins..
Who ever has the best lawyers win..
Money over morality
and many, many more quotes come to mind on this topic.

MLB and the MLB Network all understand the above statements.  They would like to say that our national past time is cleaning up it’s act and becoming more moral, more ethical, more what we think America should be like.  They took a step back the other day when starting up our new “past time going full time” network.  They used Pete Rose to promote it, Pete is apart of baseball, and nobody is a better ambassador of the hard work and the love of the game than he is in my opinion.   Yet all the same Bud Selig kicked him out, and in many ways I don’t disagree with what he did, (but I also believe there is a difference between booting him out of baseball and booting him from the Hall of Fame.  I mean really how many records does he still hold?  And isn’t the Hall something that is voted on, and not decreed by the president of the organization?  I digress….) 

The thought is that yes he is a beloved part of baseball history and baseball owns those moments in history so they should be able to use it to promote it.  The answers is, yes they sure can, and yes they sure did.  Is it moral…no, is ethical…no, are they sending a hypocritical message…you bet!

In my new life as a baseball fan, there was never a better feeling than when Marty Brennaman mentioned over the PA system this past year that Pete Rose was at the stadium and they showed him on the big screen.  The cheers were greater than the ones either team recieved on the field.  The city still loves him, fans from other teams still love him, and yes baseball even if they think of him as in that bad cousin kinda way, yes still loves him.

MLB do better of being the moral organization you’re supposed to be and either let Pete in or stop using him and others that you frown at to make a buck for the business.  Otherwise the fans are going to start really doing what we’ve threatened to do and start treating you like a bad business instead our our nations pastime.  I mean really just look at the NBA if you don’t think it can happen.


For The Love Of Barry…Larkin That is

Did anyone else see Barry Larkin’s Reds Hall of Fame speech last year?  I knew from that moment on Baseball was not his true calling…sportscaster was….not!  Barry is going to get his chance to prove me wrong though, he’s going to be working with/for  MLB Network in 2009
Barry is one of the greatest short stops there ever was, and maybe the best the Reds have ever had, but I’m still thinking “no way do I want to listen to him talk on TV”

But you tell me…

FYI…if there are any MLB network execs reading this, or someone from ATT U-verse, why the @#$@#$ are we not getting on board with this?  No MLB network for me?  Makes me almost want to give it up and go back to Bright House.