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When Nothing Is A Good Thing

I’m happy to report that nothing surprising is going on.

Nothing at all…

We didn’t over compensate and spend millions that we didn’t need to.

We didn’t add names to the roster that are half in the bag and are heading to retirement.

We didn’t do anything, that any other team wouldn’t have done.

For once in a long time we’ve done nothing…and I’m happy about it.

We got our Left Fielder, Ryan’s Ludwick is not the best out there, but by far he’s not the worst and he’s proven that he should be on this team. I’ll happily cheer him on in 2013 as long as he stays healthy.

Joey Votto is working his way back to his old self according to the talks he’s had with other writers. I believe that, he’s not the kind of guy just to sit back during the off season and do nothing. He is working those legs and getting that knee back. The early 2013 season will be a real tell for him and he needs to be aware of it. Everyone watches how a player recoups from a major injury, it’s the sign of how he will do later in his career. So he needs for that power to be on display during the first half.


Say Goodbye To Football, and Hello To Baseball

Well today is the day. It’s the day that the football season hits it peak and then starts on in downhill slide into the offseason. The Patriots and the Giants put on a good show, but it’s just that a show. Vegas knew, Indy fans new, and most of the NFL knew how this game was going to end before it began.

Here comes baseball.

A mere 11 days away for most, we are just waiting to see the sports networks star to change their programming over to signs of baseball. At first it will be meaningless shots of fielders throwing the ball around, and a few guys standing around the batting cage. Then the spring training games will start. The few die hard fans will listen to a radio broadcast of them when available, just looking for some sign that there is a chance the team they left in September is better in March.

We’ve already started seeing the hype articles, read your mlb.com articles for your team. You’ll notice that new writers are spending some time writing some positive article telling you why you should be excited for this season. Where’s your normal beat writer? He’s still sleeping and developing his ideas of the season, he wouldn’t tag his name to these puff pieces. That’s okay though, we need the hype, if we don’t then how can we get the blood flowing toward the season.

All I can say at this point is bring it on.

I need a fantasy league to join.
I need to hear Marty and the gang on the radio.
I need my Opening Day tickets.
I need my MLB At Bat App 2012
I need a hot dog with mustard, relish and onion like true fans have them.

Baseball’s Grim Reapers

Sorry folks for the time between posts.  I know at this point I’ve proably lost all credibility, but that’s life sometimes.  Blogging is a hobby for me and when life crams what it has for me the past few months down my throat you put this on the backburner.

But I had some time and somethings to say so I decided to log back on and who knows start fresh again. 

Reds baseball in September, gotta love it.  What is with the Reds anyway?  Do we have a pressure problem?  I’ve watched and listened to my fair share of games this year and it’s ending the same way last year did.  We started great, we sucked in the middle, and then we pull out the stops in the end?  How does this work?  This year at least we’re not screwing up wild card slots and causing all the uproar we did last year.  For those who don’t recall we almost kept the Cubs from doing well anything.  This year we at least end with the Pirates who really should pack up the team and move to Canada as far as the rest of the MLB cares, I think the only team who has lost it’s flair more than them is the Nationals.

So here we are again.  My goal for the Reds this season was an over 500 season.  Most looked at me like I was crazy and said that wasn’t a goal it was a lock.  Here we are, under 500.  I love my Reds, I always see the hope of a good year coming, but what we’ve been doing the past few years has got to end.  We win till it matters and then lose till we’re out, only to go back to winning again when it’s too late. 

Hire a visualization coach to come in and teach these guys to be winners, get a motivational speaker on staff for next year, do something.  I can live with the fact that we’re not going to the World Series or even in a pennant race.  What I can’t live with is the feeling we had the shot to be something more, and always ending up in the middle where we are just forgotten.  We lose to no one we don’t sweep, cream or destroy at some point in the season.  We should be contending with the players we have, and at the very least be a 500 ball club.





MLB Blogs Thank You! I’m The Featured Blog!

I wanted to put up a quick note that today I was placed on the MLB Blogs site as the featured blog!  I want to say thanks to whomever makes that happen (and maybe they’ll fix the Reds.com
website and get me notices under their featured Reds blogs there..hint…hint)  It means a lot that my stories of becoming a fan again of the game can grab some attention every now and then.

Gonzo watch out I’m coming for you!  lol

Thanks again,

MLB Rocks In Cyberspace

Name a sport that does as well on the internet as the MLB?  I’m sitting here in front of my PC just wondering how much better it will get in 09 in the advancements of fan interaction than what the MLB has already given us.

We’ve got the basics
MLB.com one of the best layouts for sports information given.  A once source, no more than 3 clicks away database of everything baseball.  Players, stats, teams, news, rumors, message boards, shopping, blogging, and the list goes on and on.

MLB Mobile One of those fans that needs their news on the go, or likes to be able to check out stats, scores, ect where ever you are?  MLB mobile is awwwesome!  They’ve got it setup for your basic cell phone users, your black berry users, and for the high end you can do everything in the palm of your hand I Phone users!!! 

Me being one of them of course, I Phone user here (raising his hand geekishly)  I’ll write a whole nother article about the wonders of the MLB At Bat application, but it’s worth an extra note here.  If your a baseball fan, and you own an I Phone and don’t have this application I ask you “What kind of baseball geek are you?”

Then we go to the next level
The joys of MLB.TV You guessed it, baseball on your laptop.  Streaming TV of your favorite team or really any team, any game, any time.  I can’t tell you how many nights this was my best friend in 08.  I was at work or somewhere when the game was on and bored .  MLB.TV was there.

When the season starts you have Game Day Audio this is my friend when I’m actually trying to get work done and don’t want to be staring into my tv or laptop screen the whole time.  This with the play by play off the main page and I can listen and catch up on a game in progress while getting what needs to be done to pay the bills done all at the same time.  Any game, not just my beloved Reds.