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MLB 2K10…The Game That Plays Like The Reds

MLB 2K9,8,7 is real life baseball without the heat, dirt and grass stains. 
Problem is they put so much realism into it that it lost the game.  Baseball is
different than other sports, making a game about basketball or football there 
is plenty of action and you are always on the move.  Baseball is a game of
strategy and execution, the slow pace of a baseball game in it’s real form
doesn’t make a good video game.  I need something more or different.  Now the
answer to that is The Biggs, I don’t mind the Biggs so much,it’s too cartoony
for me.


The above is a post I started before buying MLB2K10…

Now I have been playing MLB2K10 for
almost a week now.  All I have to say is someone either had my complaints before
or they really…really know me.

The Good

  1. My Player Mode: Welcome to making my gaming and baseball dreams come true. 
    The idea is to build a player to look anyway you like (which of course the first
    time you do it, you make it out to be a 20 year old version of yourself…I mean
    come on!) The detail you can go into is amazing, from your height, weight,
    facial features, body type, hair, gloves, mits, bats, helmet, the list goes on
    and on.  Then once you get through this you start out on the single A team of
    the MLB team of your choosing.  Your goal,  WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR GOAL IS!!! To
    become a AA player, and then head on up to the majors!  This is done with a
    series of quick sessions playing your player in clutch situations.  When you
    succeed you gain points to make your life easier offensively and defensively. 
    Does it stop there?  Noooo You work toward a hall of fame career as well as
    getting to situations in which you can influence how the team plays you.  You
    want to change teams, earn it, you want to push someone out of a position so you
    can have it, earn it…you get the point.  I’m really proud how this turned out. 
    It’s a game, it’s baseball its easy to play a couple quick rounds then save and
    walk away.
  2. MLB Today: They took the idea I had for this year, to a whole new level.  My
    thought was to play the games in franchise mode and as the real Reds play I
    would play it on MLB2K10 and blog about who won and keys to the game to see if
    they played out the same in real life.  2K Sports had that idea too, only did it
    better.  They set it up so that you can play the game of the day by itself and
    the stats and “feel” of the team will go with how they are doing in real life. 
    Allowing my franchise team to be the all star, always winning Reds team I dream
    of, while letting me fortune tell with a separate game.  Just awesome.

The Neutral

  1. Franchise Mode:  It was pretty much the same as last year’s version. Don’t
    get me wrong, they made the over all playability better which effects every
    mode. But really the franchise mode is where it’s at for the die hard fan and
    it’s still in decent shape.
  2. Leagues:  I’m really getting used to them, I really haven’t had a chance to
    play on them much, but this year I’m making an effort.  Anyone play regularly
    enough to want to invite me in their current league or start up a league with
    me?  I find it hard to believe that console gamers would be willing to schedule
    162 games with other people and stick to it, but hey…with the amount of them out
    there I must be wrong somewhere.

The Bad

  1. There was always going to be a bad wasn’t there?  Online play is jerky..the
    speed of pitches and timing used in the regular modes do not apply to the online
    mode.  This makes it very difficult for me to play in “My Player” mode then my
    franchise game to switch to the online games as my timing is off at least for an
    inning if not more.
  2. Ranked games and league games need some serious instructions or hint
    manual.  I’m one of many who don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the menus to
    get to the needed things to get games moving.
  3. 2K beats, I’ve been playing for a week and some of the music has grown on
    me, the rest I’m sick of.  You can port your own music into the game, but the
    way it’s done is not well explained and definitely not easy to do.  This
    is coming from a geek who loves computers.
      Play my music from my
    networked hard drive…nope..Use Windows Media Center..nope…gotta use music on the
    hard drive and from a playlist that I’m supposed to have saved somewhere, and
    then I’ve got to select a whole bunch of when to play it (which is way too
    picky)  Needs to be better.

I don’t know where to put Reel Maker yet, as I haven’t worked with it all
that much yet, my hope is to be able to save plays and use them here on my blog
as some creative media..


So what’s your favorite MLB game and why?  If MLB2K10 is it gimme your
gamertag so we can take your skill versus mine!


Soo Much Baseball Sooo Little Time!

Ever been truly frustrated at all the things you want to get done, but can’t
seem to find the time to complete.  That’s where I’m at.

I’ve got a fantasy league(s) to organize

I’ve got leagues I’m in that I’ve got to get my draft plan together

I’ve got spring training games to watch or listen to!

I’ve got MLB2K10 to

Mind you that includes 1 franchise team

3 online leagues

and MY fantasy career of playing for the Reds as their new
left fielder

These all take at least 30 minutes each per day.

Then of course, I have this blog to write.

And with Little League just around the corner…

Mind you that this doesn’t include my regular life activities (looking for
work, school, fiancé, son, friends, learning how to create I Phone Apps..the
list goes on and on)


I know it’s a hard life I lead..but rest assured I’ll make it work.


What are your favorite things to do to get into the baseball spirit?