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Put Me In Coach! Reds Left Field Norris Hopper…Maybe

Our next in the series Put Me In Coach!

The Reds left field is a mysterious place, the kind of place where people appear and disappear without notice or warning.  There is one man who stands tall in the face of this mysterious place.  He has no fears of being taken in by the darkness.  His name is Norris Hopper

Norris Hopper Bio.jpgTheres not a lot about him that we know which I guess adds to his mysterious ways.  What I can say is that he has a temper it seems as he has gotten ejected from games against San Fransisco Giants.  When he’s not injured his batting average is top notch, over all this is someone the Reds can really use.  It seems that for 09 we’ll use him in a reserve role to back up who ever we get during free agency for the position.

His predecessor Adam Dunn is one of the most notorious Reds player’s in some time.  Stats wise he’s a gem in many, many ways, but watching him play is a whole other story.  He’s a defensive line football player in a baseball uniform.  No speed, all or nothing power, and a “it’s all about me” personality that just doesn’t work in baseball.  Which is why in 09 his free agent report is so messed up.  Everyone wants his bat, but no one wants to deal with him.

HairstonJr.jpgIn 09 the Reds are still looking to see who’s going to be in left field.  My best guess would be Jerry Hairston Jr

We could go big with a player like Bobby Abreu, Bobby Abreu.jpg but I can’t honestly see the
Reds pay for someone who was ever a Yankee.  His numbers look good and a seasoned player would be a nice addition.  Consistancy is a nice thing, and with stats strong with doubles he would make a could follow up to Taveras in the batting order.

Pat Burrell.jpgWhile we’re dreaming, Pat Burrell who just signed would have been a good choice with his bat and his defense he would be a great add out to our young team.  I mean 33 HR and 86 RBI’s says it all.  Put him behind Taveras to make sure he never is waiting for the time to run, but in fact is always running.

The Reds in 09 are going to be different than years in the past, I remain optimistic that a winning season may be in our near future, but don’t we all say that at the beginning of a season?

Tell  me about your team’s off season.  Do you see your team making a pennant run, or would just be happy to see something over .500?


No Burrell For The Reds..Give Us A Sign Walt…

Walt…Can I call you Walt?

Walt…we let Pat Burrell
slip through our fingers Walt…What’s going on?

It’s not so much that you decided not to go with Burrell, I’m sure you had your reasons.  The reason you have on record though is that it was because he was asking for too much money.  After reading Mark Sheldon’s article about Jocketty’s response I know it’s true.  Walt didn’t think he would go for half of his asking price.

8 million a year is too much Walt!?!  The Rays get to walk off with him for two years and 16 million.  Are we not going to sign anyone else of note this off season Walt?  If so, then you’re really taking this rebuilding thing as slow as possible.  I mean turtles go this fast.

Walt, you got us a catcher, you got us a lead off man and a center fielder.  You even made one of the better bull pens in the game slightly better.  Why did you lay off on this one?  This was the batter you were looking for?

Talk to me people about the Pat Burrell signing..Walt just makes me feel like…well like I’m just talking to myself!