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August 8th Rockies

All I can say about this game was this was a black eye to our pitching staff for letting them T off us after the rain delay. The homer parade that was happening was just miserable to watch.
On the other side of the coin I was very pleased to see @datdudeBP going yard as well as my silent killer Drew Stubbs doing so as well. The only Jersey with a name on it I own is Pete Rose, but Drew and Phillips are making it hard for me to ignore them and not add on to the collection.

Here’s to hoping tonight goes better!


Selig Sticks It To Rose Again..

So during this off season it’s a great time to review and rethink decisions made.


Bud has done some thinking.

Steroid users in the Hall of Fame…eh if it happens oh well….”Not my call, not my problem”

Inflated stats and people who don’t deserve titles….”well that will happen.”

Protect MLB’s money…”You bet!”


Bud, let the people be heard, and better yet use your own logic, it’s not you who decides who gets into the hall, it’s the Association.  Frankly I’m tired of having this beef with you, let me go pick on them for a few years if anything.


Let Pete Rose make his way onto the ballad for the Hall Of Fame….Not a chance


Well Bud, that’s just great.You’re first hard decision in the big seat obviously is the thing that will be your legacy.  Steroids will be long since forgiven before Rose.


And that’s just wrong.




Cardinals Vs Dodgers Post Season Game 1

It’s only fitting I get to move over to this game and start watching when Manny comes up to bat.

Kemp just hit a homer just seconds before to pull the Dodgers 2 to 1.

I don’t know who I’m rooting for this game.  Dodgers or Cardinals.  What I have seen from the 3 post season games thus far is everyone is playing real loose.  Fielders are missing catches, pitchers are throwing everywhere including the strike zone.

Chris Carpenter is giving the Dodgers pleanty of room to catdh up that’s for sure.

DeRosa takes out the Dodger first baseman with a head first slide.  You don’t see to much
Rose V Fosse.jpg
contact in baseball anymore.  The days of Pete Rose running over catchers really doesn’t happen anymore.  Which I guess is good and bad.  I’m always looking for ways to close the gap between baseball fans and football fans.


The annoucers are talking about Manny’s BP, I have to admit I didn’t know Don Mattingly was the Dodger’s hitting coach.  Man what a place to retire, well from playing that is.  You go in teach rookies how to hit, and then sit on the beach.

Bottom of the 3rd with runners at the corners.

Going back to what I was talking about before about being too loose De Rossa just threw a ball straight to the right fielder…not good. Amazingly they are not counting that as an error.  Someone will have to explain that to me someday, but it allowed the Dodgers to score.

The annoucers are commenting on the crowd, I have to admit I’d love to live in a real baseball town.  One where you can actually find bars named after your team and you don’t have to look far for a fan.  Indy doesn’t have it, barely has it for the Colts which is the pride of the city.

Bringing ourselves to the top of the 4th..

I don’t think I have seen the word BUNT…I’m Going to BUNT…REALLY from Chris Carpenter.  But he does his job and advances a runner, I guess that’s what pitchers do when they bat.

So what is the time allotment for a mound visit?  Is it up to the ump?

Beach balls at a baseball game really?  I know they have Dodger beach out there, but isn’t that kind of silly?

I know my thoughts are going random here, so off to twitter I’ll go.

Watching threads go by on Twitter (you can follow me at www.twitter.com/cobf Brendan Ryan does have the 70’s porn stache of all time.  How does someone let him out of the house with that?

Dodger have now managed to load up the bases with a lucky bounce to the pitcher to close out this part of the inning.

I’m watching Manny warm up, he’s not had a rough game thus far so how does his helmet already have dirt, mud,dents,etc on it?  Is that that something he just wants?  With one swing he crushes it down the third base line lining the Dodgers up to score again with runners at 2nd and 3rd.  They have been talking about what type of player was Manny going to be in this series.  The leader or the whimp, so far I’d still say it’s undecided, but looking better.

Bases are loaded…and I hear Nickleback playing



 So you would think this must end with the Dodgers scoring, but it doesn’t.




Top  of 5

and well with no real hit support and a dumb move to let the pitcher hit when there really isn’t a reason to as they’ll be pulling him this next inning (predicting this now) to only strike out.

The Cards are sticking with Carpenter with only one out and guys on 2nd and 3rd, for the love of this game I have no idea why La Russa is sticking with him.  He’s throwing the ball everywhere but in the strike zone again.  98 pitches thus far, which isn’t a lot, but he’s not in this game.  Which has caused him now to lose another run 4-2.

Ok I had the rest of the game blogged out, but it went on so long that MLB blogs actually timed out…so forget it.












Sean Casey Retires. A Guy Who Always Looked Good In Red

A Tribute To Sean “The Mayor” Casey
A moment of silence please….

CaseyinRed.jpgSean “The Mayor” Casey was not just a ball player.  He was the ball player that was made for the way I wanted and the way most Reds fans wanted a ball player to be.  He was for the game, for the fans, for the kids, for the team, heck what wasn’t he for that was good in a baseball fans eyes? 

Seancaseyand1basecoach.jpgSean made friends where ever he was, and he did end up wondering quite a bit in his major league career, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Boston.  He was nominated in 2007 as the friendliest guy in baseball by sports illustrated.  For his character on the field as he would make friends with any ball player that made it to his home at 1st base and his charity work he did in whatever town he was stationed in.  In all of the games I went to in the past two years I listened to fans boo the opposing team, players that have left us for more money or were just plain bad for us.  I would always say that if you ever wanted to know what kind of player you are come to Cincinnati and you’ll find out.  I know this to be true because there was not a series that we hated to be in more than the one with at the time World Series Champs the Boston Red Sox.  That hot father’s day weekend there were more Sox fans in the stands than Reds fans, but you couldn’t tell when the line up was announced or a Sox player made it to the batters box.  The boos and jeers coming from the stands were worse than I’d ever seen them in Cincy, a normally quiet and civilized fan base.  The reason for all the hostility was because we were already losing position in the season and we knew we were going to lose against the Sox so we were in no mood to even be there, but we will push on and make the best of it.  That’s when it happened, the boos stopped and the crowd went quite for a moment.

“Now batting Sean Casey..”

At that point the crowd, Cincy or Boston stood and applauded.  You would have thought Johnny Bench or Pete Rose had come to the plate.  Ken Griffey Jr and Adam Dunn were still on the team, not so much as woot from the crowd when they came up, but here is this elder statesman of the game, this slow running, double play juggernaut of a man who used to be a Red  getting applause from the home crowd.  I watched while younger Reds fans asked their parents “Who is this guy and why are we applauding?”  The answer was simple, it’s the Mayor.  Our Mayor, and we’re welcoming him home. 

He took a moment, stepped out of the batters box, looked around like he couldn’t believe it himself and took off his helmet and tipped it to the crowd as a thank you.  He hit a single that at bat, and for one moment we were all happy that he did.


Good luck Sean, and no matter how much help you were for Detroit in the World Series, and all the good you did in Boston too, always remember Cincinnati cares for you too.




Because Every Now and Then We Need to Laugh At Ourselves

I was surfing around You Tube earlier today and found this

Yeah it’s a little old, but man it’s funny.  Sometimes we just need to laugh at ourselves.

All this needs is an old Marge Schott and Pete Rose reference and it would be perfect.

I’ve been reading the MLB message boards for the Reds and postings on articles that are all over the place.  I was happy to see that Reds fans haven’t given up on 09 already, but are being realistic about how the season should be.  The sign of a good fan is his ability to stick with a team through thick and thin.  That’s something the above video shows in spades I think. 

Bud Selig…Not Baseball’s Greatest Fan, But He Does Love Money

Being a Reds supporter  it’s hard for me to be objectionable to our
baseball commissioner..  In many ways he ruined baseball in Cincy.  Pete Rose, to Marge Schott
to the wild card race, and much more to mention.  So for those looking
for a neutral opinion of him you may want to go somewhere else.

reading about Mr. Selig you find  a man who really didn’t grow up in
baseball.  This is not the story of a man who was brought up on the
sport, but actually a man who saw a tremendous business opportunity and
then developed a passion around his work.  Now there is no denying that
he has been around baseball since the early 70’s when he purchased the
Brewers.  The Brewers which at the time was named the Pilots and were
not in Milwaukee.  Mr. Selig saw money growing for a Wisconsin based
team and knew he had to do something which in turn was to create a team
for this need.  Hence the purchase of the Pilots, and then renaming them the Brewers. 

the 80’s and 90’s he moved from ball club owner to acting leader of
game for the current president of baseball’s health was failing and
there was no sure sign of when his time would be over.  During which
Mr. Selig did not just keep the peace and follow the lead of his
mentor, no sir.  He went about making some of the biggest changes that
baseball ever encountered.  Many have speculated what  this did to
baseball, after almost two decades we can see it turned baseball into
what it is today.  A business, instead of a national past time.  Now
who’s to say it wouldn’t have done this anyway with out Mr. Selig, I
cannot say for sure.  What I can say however if there was a boost of
power to make it happen sooner than later it was during this time. 
This in turn brought forth a player strike that took many fans away
from baseball (me being one of them) and set the ground work for the
issues that would soon arrive.

What direction would this go in
when moving our way into the turn of the century?  You guessed it,
gimmicks, steroids, and ploys to gain the loyalty back of the fan
base.  Instead of having faith that good, honest, all American baseball
would rebound on it’s own.  Mr Selig took the bull by the horns and
sold it, sold it hard and fast in any way he could to get the American
public to give the game another try.  This blitz did generate a lot of
new fans, but it did a lot of the opposite as well, it made baseball
even more what it didn’t need to be.  A business.  It killed baseball
cards by flooding the market with so many different types and ways to
collect it was not special anymore.  It took a simple seat and a hot
dog experience and turned it into a complicated media frenzy.  Most
importantly it turned baseball into a higher end more civilized and
more expensive game for the players and the fans.  The only fans who
truly go to games like they used to are the ones of Cubs and they do it now more out of tradition for the city than they do out of love of the game. 

2012 Bud Selig is set to retire (it was supposed to be this year, but
due to PED he decided that it was a good idea to stick around and clean
up his mess) I hope the one that follows in his footsteps put a little
more distance between the game and it’s money.  Some how, some way as
baseball is bigger than football or basketball.  It has larger
responsiblities than both of them combined.  It is our nations past
time, that’s why we have people who represent it in DC, and why we are
held to review by Congress.  It’s simply put, more important to get
this game back to being pure and good than it is for it to be a billion
dollar industry.

MLB Networks Usage of Pete Rose

Business is business..
The one with the money wins..
Who ever has the best lawyers win..
Money over morality
and many, many more quotes come to mind on this topic.

MLB and the MLB Network all understand the above statements.  They would like to say that our national past time is cleaning up it’s act and becoming more moral, more ethical, more what we think America should be like.  They took a step back the other day when starting up our new “past time going full time” network.  They used Pete Rose to promote it, Pete is apart of baseball, and nobody is a better ambassador of the hard work and the love of the game than he is in my opinion.   Yet all the same Bud Selig kicked him out, and in many ways I don’t disagree with what he did, (but I also believe there is a difference between booting him out of baseball and booting him from the Hall of Fame.  I mean really how many records does he still hold?  And isn’t the Hall something that is voted on, and not decreed by the president of the organization?  I digress….) 

The thought is that yes he is a beloved part of baseball history and baseball owns those moments in history so they should be able to use it to promote it.  The answers is, yes they sure can, and yes they sure did.  Is it moral…no, is ethical…no, are they sending a hypocritical message…you bet!

In my new life as a baseball fan, there was never a better feeling than when Marty Brennaman mentioned over the PA system this past year that Pete Rose was at the stadium and they showed him on the big screen.  The cheers were greater than the ones either team recieved on the field.  The city still loves him, fans from other teams still love him, and yes baseball even if they think of him as in that bad cousin kinda way, yes still loves him.

MLB do better of being the moral organization you’re supposed to be and either let Pete in or stop using him and others that you frown at to make a buck for the business.  Otherwise the fans are going to start really doing what we’ve threatened to do and start treating you like a bad business instead our our nations pastime.  I mean really just look at the NBA if you don’t think it can happen.