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COBF: Sept 1st Reds vs Phillies

We have finally made it to a game, where I can blog from my seat, and ATT FIXED THERE RECEPTION at the ball field!

This is awesome!
I was at last nights game, we could have used some help there. Spent more time shopping and eating than watching.
(code for we were sucking)

Visited the the Bench exhibit, I have to say I wish I went earlier!
It was also my first year as a Reds HOF member and it was cool to see our name on the hall of fame wall.

1-3: watching a lot of third strikes, awesome center field hit by Phillips. Although 3 runs are on the board Leake is putting on a great pitching show.
4-6: well we only gave up one run.. We are missing a lot of heart.
7-9: 3 run homers are good! Let’s see if they rally!
Final: no luck

Overall a good trip to Cincy, now really below .500

Alot of things to make better. Today really felt like going through the motions.


Does Everyone Need A Manny?

It you could be told with certainty that your team could have a clutch home run hitter like Manny would you do it knowing he’d also be as much of a controversal player?

I know my Reds need someone to show some attitude and some gall.  We are a team of talent and passion for the game, but when it comes to handling the clutch we fold. 

I’m just not sure, I bash the Reds a lot, and with twenty years of love and passion for the team I think I’ve earned that right.  The one thing though we have is a moral high ground. (yes except for Pete, but I have four letter words for any of you that actually want to use him as an example in this article….got it?  Even the announcers tonight have envoiked his name at least once talking about his drive and strength under pressure) I don’t know if I want to give that up to get a home run hitting, game winning, never say die bad *** that wiill surely get you in trouble.  

As you can imagine I’m wating the National series game, and if they win tonight it’s because of Manny. 

Rockies Vs Phillies Post Season Game 2 NLDS

Dear loyal readers,

I’m learning from my mistakes of last night.  Here is what I’ve learned

1. Save often

2. Only write when necessary, going inning to inning isn’t worth it.  You guys aren’t reading it or commenting on it, so frankly why write it?

3. I need to get the word out that this blog is alive again


So with that I will do other things (like my homework, housework, and looking for a job..) while watching the game and I’ll summarize my feelings for the game in a couple places.  This may be just at the begining and end, maybe it’ll be in the middle, who really knows.  You’ll know when I do got it…good.

Random Thoughts During The Game

  1. Security at a Phillies game has got to be easy, I just saw a lady who may weigh 100lbs in the behind home plate area as security.  She really looked the part of a woman who couldn’t hurt a fly much less handle a drunken fan.  Then again the drunken fans we’re talking about in this area are politicans and CEO’s.  Maybe a sexy woman is the best choice…wrong maybe…but true.

Game Summary

This was a pitching duel all the way through.  The pitching was whee the game was won and lost.  There wasn’t a big offensive or defensive run in my opinion as it always seemed like if the pitcher did what everyone wanted him to do then it was good, when as soon as they deviated from the plan then the ball was in play.  Unlike last night this game seemed much more down to earth.  Not nearly as many loose plays and rookie or nervous mistakes.  This will make the game in Colorado that much more interesting as this shows the shock is over and now both teams are ready to play.  I can’t believe I’m going to say this but it may be worthy to note the weather may play an issue as it’s only in the low 50’s/high 40’s in Colorado.  It really should be a sight to see.

Game MVP

 Pitching staffs, both sides.

Phillies V Rockies Game 1

So sitting here at Cob central (i.e on my couch)







I’m sitting here watching  Rockies @ Phillies, it’s the bottom of the 7th and it’s been a game that looks more like a AA game rather than a pro game.  The announcers are blaming it on nerves and high wind.  Tell me Phillies fans does it really get windy there?  I’d like to think you guys don’t have  a difference in weather than I do here in Indy…just saying I’m not buying it.

The nerves I buy.  Both teams seem to be having a day.  (more so the Rockies of course since they are losing 5-0)

The leader of this Phillies lead has to be given to Cliff Lee he’s pitching the game of his life.  I mean come on it’s now the 8th inning only 80 pitches in and no relever warming up in the pen.  This is what hardcore pitching is about.

Offensive wise  


Philadelphia Phillies
J Rollins SS 4 0 1 0 0 1 .250
S Victorino CF 4 0 1 0 0 0 .250
C Utley 2B 4 1 1 0 0 2 .250
R Howard 1B 4 1 2 1 0 1 .500
J Werth RF 3 2 2 1 1 0 .667
R Ibanez LF 4 1 2 2 0 0 .500
P Feliz 3B 4 0 1 0 0 0 .250
C Ruiz C 3 0 1 1 1 0 .333
C Lee P 2 0 1 0 0 0 .500
Totals 32 5 12 5 2 4
R Ibanez (1); S Victorino (1); R Howard (1)
3B: J Werth (1)
RBI: R Ibanez 2 (2); J Werth (1); R Howard (1); C Ruiz (1)
S: C Lee
C Lee (1); S Victorino (1); C Utley (1)
CS: R Howard (1)

*Thanks ESPN for not copy protecting your box scores!

Howard, Werth, and Ibanez by far and large are the ones producing and directing the game.

Still kinda crazy that we are this far along with the wind and all with no homers.

Top of the 9th and the Philles are still going strong 5-0 and Lee is one strike away from a shut out.

The crowd is going nuts!  I can’t help but wonder if that really helps Lee or not.  I know it’s fun for the crowd, but those towels can be distracting.

phillies towels.jpg

And he lost it.

Hit to center and now the score is 5-1

What a great story it would have been if they were able to hold on to it.  A complete game by Cliff Lee is still nothing to sneeze at, they did a great job. 

The next batter is the out.

MVP by Cob: Cliff Lee by far.  Pitching, stolen base (according to the announcer as the first stolen base by a pitcher) 



What Can You Take Away From Spring Training Games?

When I was a Reds fan before I didn’t pay attention to baseball till the season started.  The fact that their was 33 games before the season started in the fruit league didn’t seem to be a high priority for me to pay attention to.

Today however, with a new found love of a baseball, a team with a ton of new talent and emerging talent I find myself listening to the games on radio as much as possible.  With four games already done I was impressed with our outing against the Rays, not so much against the Sox, okay against the Phillies, and now were battling it out with the Yankees as we speak with 9 of our best heading out the the baseball classic.  So my question is strictly fan based.

What are we supposed to take away from these games?

On may occasions over the last week I’ve seen them make sweeping changes to the roster all in an effort to get people to game time.  Does the win or lost really mean anything to us?  Or is it really about getting in some game time against another high caliber team?

What ever the answer is I’m glad to listen to game regardless and get a feel for what we have as far as guys for the upcoming season.


Editor’s Note: To all my loyal readers I apologize for the long drought of articles between my last few and now.  Between getting ready for fantasy baseball season, getting ready for little league ball, work and family I just ran out of time.  I would rather give you something good to read or something to get steamed about than just sling something out just to say I did.  Thanks again, and now on with the show!

by Cob

The count down has come to an end,
and they boys of summer are back and there will be ball games to attend.
A spring training league usually named after a fruit
With a bunch of players trying to become the next big recruit.

It brings a tear to my eye to see the scoreboard come back to life on MLB.com
Brings back the memories of hot dogs that was brought  to me by some lady named mom.
So pack up the peanuts and a hidden flask of your favorite drink.
Because baseball is coming…coming much sooner than you think!

We’re t-minus 1hr and 10 mins from the first pitch at the time I write this blog.  I love baseball, don’t get me wrong, but today is the day.  It’s not really about the game today for me as it is the day of mental preparation.

The marathon starts today.

Eight months of baseball starts today
Six months of fantasy baseball starts today
Five months of little league baseball starts today (ok there’s a month of planning in there, but you get the point)

November through today is the rest break before the endurance challenge begins.  You spend Novemember saying thank god it’s over, how could THAT team ever win a World Series, and how the heck was I so fooled into think MY  team ever had a chance of anything in 2008.  You boycott baseball for a little bit.

Then comes the winter meetings

You start hearing news of new players joining your team, and maybe, just maybe they’ve fixed the issues that will make your team a contender this year.  Or in my case just hoping to break .500.  Yep this is where the fence begins to mend in  your mind.  You begin reading articles, listening to podcasts, and looking at stats again….all be it occasionally, definately not daily, but you do.

Then it happens

Weekly migrates to daily, a rant begins to form, you start going to sports bars at lunch just to see if there is anything good on.  You go to your teams winter caravan to tell your teams coach what the heck he’s doing wrong, but really your actually just happy to be around baseball friends it feels like Christmas all over again and your aggravation just melts away.

Now your craving baseball.

So much that your girl can’t stand to be around you because your even more obsessed than you were the weeks before.  Theres only one cure for this.


Put Me In Coach! Reds Left Field Norris Hopper…Maybe

Our next in the series Put Me In Coach!

The Reds left field is a mysterious place, the kind of place where people appear and disappear without notice or warning.  There is one man who stands tall in the face of this mysterious place.  He has no fears of being taken in by the darkness.  His name is Norris Hopper

Norris Hopper Bio.jpgTheres not a lot about him that we know which I guess adds to his mysterious ways.  What I can say is that he has a temper it seems as he has gotten ejected from games against San Fransisco Giants.  When he’s not injured his batting average is top notch, over all this is someone the Reds can really use.  It seems that for 09 we’ll use him in a reserve role to back up who ever we get during free agency for the position.

His predecessor Adam Dunn is one of the most notorious Reds player’s in some time.  Stats wise he’s a gem in many, many ways, but watching him play is a whole other story.  He’s a defensive line football player in a baseball uniform.  No speed, all or nothing power, and a “it’s all about me” personality that just doesn’t work in baseball.  Which is why in 09 his free agent report is so messed up.  Everyone wants his bat, but no one wants to deal with him.

HairstonJr.jpgIn 09 the Reds are still looking to see who’s going to be in left field.  My best guess would be Jerry Hairston Jr

We could go big with a player like Bobby Abreu, Bobby Abreu.jpg but I can’t honestly see the
Reds pay for someone who was ever a Yankee.  His numbers look good and a seasoned player would be a nice addition.  Consistancy is a nice thing, and with stats strong with doubles he would make a could follow up to Taveras in the batting order.

Pat Burrell.jpgWhile we’re dreaming, Pat Burrell who just signed would have been a good choice with his bat and his defense he would be a great add out to our young team.  I mean 33 HR and 86 RBI’s says it all.  Put him behind Taveras to make sure he never is waiting for the time to run, but in fact is always running.

The Reds in 09 are going to be different than years in the past, I remain optimistic that a winning season may be in our near future, but don’t we all say that at the beginning of a season?

Tell  me about your team’s off season.  Do you see your team making a pennant run, or would just be happy to see something over .500?