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Quick And Simple Post

I’ve got a lot going on tonight so I can’t make this a long one.

Simply put the Reds should have won today against the Cardinals.  The Cardinals didn’t beat the Reds today.  The Reds beat the Reds today.  There is plenty of times the game was brought back to even, and as I recall there was even a time we were ahead.  I was completely ok with us walking Pujols with 1st base open, and wouldn’t wince if we did it again.  Now that being said walking home runs is something you just don’t do.  I would rather take the ball and put it on a tee and have him him hit off it that just walk runs in like we did in the 8th.  There is a chance that Lincoln was pitching injured so I won’t go big on bashing him yet.  If he was why didn’t Price know about it?

Honestly the Reds have already made my goal for them during this series and that was to win one game.  They did it, I’m going to stay happy, the goal all of us Reds fans have to keep saying is +.500.  That’s it.  Nothing more is being asked for from this team, THIS year. 



3 Weeks

Three weeks of baseball down, and still plenty more to go before this season ends. 

How are our Reds doing? 

Well…they could be better.

The one thing the Reds never have to worry about knowing where they need improvement.  Over the past three weeks I’ve went on a roller coaster of seeing what I want to see from the Reds (Trying to run, trying to play small ball, NOT living and dying by the long ball)  The keyword there is try of course. 

Then I’ve seen the other side that I didn’t want to see.  Aaron Harang falling apart on the mound, people not paying attention on the bases, and just over all fumbling of the opportunity when it’s given to you.

So let’s talk a little bit more about the good.

I like what I see from Dickerson, Gomes (when they play him), Stubbs, and Caberra.  Votto and Bruce are warming up to what I want to see from them, but they’ve got some room to grow.  An honorable mention goes to the bullpen especially Rhodes.  Most wouldn’t see what improvement and changes he’s made this year, but I sure have and want to see it continue.

Now some more bad…

I’m still steamed about opening day.  I’ve let it cool off, I’ve tried to be opened minded about how things would or should be for an opening day game against the Cardinals.  What should be said, and then put into Reds law until we know better and don’t need it as a law.  YOU INTENTIONALLY WALK THE BEST PLAYER IN YOUR DIVISION AND ARGUEABLY THE LEAGUE!!!  YOU ESPECIALLY WALK HIM AFTER HE HITS A HOME RUN ON HIS FIRST AT BAT!  Come on…let’s be serious at what point do you really pitch to him anyway?  You can be macho about this all you want being a pitcher, “I can beat him, he’s not perfect” ..no  Pujols isn’t perfect, but there is also no shame in walking him. 

Next…What is our deal with the Pirates?   Last place team in our division, versus our middle of the division team…our middle should win, not get swept.


So in summary what have we learned?

No pitching to Pujols

Keep up the small ball

It’s still early in the season, so no reason to lose hope yet

What would you like me to write about next?