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What Can You Take Away From Spring Training Games?

When I was a Reds fan before I didn’t pay attention to baseball till the season started.  The fact that their was 33 games before the season started in the fruit league didn’t seem to be a high priority for me to pay attention to.

Today however, with a new found love of a baseball, a team with a ton of new talent and emerging talent I find myself listening to the games on radio as much as possible.  With four games already done I was impressed with our outing against the Rays, not so much against the Sox, okay against the Phillies, and now were battling it out with the Yankees as we speak with 9 of our best heading out the the baseball classic.  So my question is strictly fan based.

What are we supposed to take away from these games?

On may occasions over the last week I’ve seen them make sweeping changes to the roster all in an effort to get people to game time.  Does the win or lost really mean anything to us?  Or is it really about getting in some game time against another high caliber team?

What ever the answer is I’m glad to listen to game regardless and get a feel for what we have as far as guys for the upcoming season.


No Burrell For The Reds..Give Us A Sign Walt…

Walt…Can I call you Walt?

Walt…we let Pat Burrell
slip through our fingers Walt…What’s going on?

It’s not so much that you decided not to go with Burrell, I’m sure you had your reasons.  The reason you have on record though is that it was because he was asking for too much money.  After reading Mark Sheldon’s article about Jocketty’s response I know it’s true.  Walt didn’t think he would go for half of his asking price.

8 million a year is too much Walt!?!  The Rays get to walk off with him for two years and 16 million.  Are we not going to sign anyone else of note this off season Walt?  If so, then you’re really taking this rebuilding thing as slow as possible.  I mean turtles go this fast.

Walt, you got us a catcher, you got us a lead off man and a center fielder.  You even made one of the better bull pens in the game slightly better.  Why did you lay off on this one?  This was the batter you were looking for?

Talk to me people about the Pat Burrell signing..Walt just makes me feel like…well like I’m just talking to myself!