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Hot Dog Monday’s After Opening Week


What a past few days!

My opening day post from Great American Ballpark for some reason didn’t take, so all I can say from that experience is that it was a great game.

Scott Rolen was great, Votto did ok, Bruce was on it, Cueto pitched like I’ve never seen him pitch before. This was the Reds team I drove 100 miles to see!

My negative (because yes there has to be one) The food spots at GABP need to be better prepared. They haven’t let me down in years, but today was the day.

Tried going to the new Food Network Hot Dog experience…they were out of baked beans, and fritos for their signature dog. Tried to get the mac and cheese…long since gone… Tried to get the sloppy joes…sure if I only wanted a half scoop as they ran out there too.

Tried to get some La Rossa pizza…same story

So I settled on a regular hot dog and a beer, saving me money in the end, but losing a considerable amount of time watching the game!

I’m doing my best to support Joey’s payroll by buying novelties, tickets, and FOOD at the game. This should not be a hurdle for me.

Enough on this.

Saturday’s game, we lost…but these things happen. No one goes undefeated in baseball, and it was nice to get it out of the way. It was a beautiful night game. I’m not going to dwell on this.

Sunday’s game, sadly I had family things to do (Easter and all) but I did watch the recap online and it looks like it was a good game with another good showing by Scott Rolen. Man I hope he can keep doing what he’s doing now.

Tonight is going to be a tough matchup, Reds vs Cardinals with Latos on the mound. We’ve seen him in Spring Training, now it’s time to see what happens when he hits the mound. Should be really interesting. I know I’ll be listening just as soon as little league practice is over.

My final random note of the day is that the Indianapolis Indians start up this Friday night at home. I’m going to do my best to blog from the park, but there may be some blogging on Monday to cover it…let’s be honest I love my seats, my hot dogs, and my baseball…


Welcome To The Mid Summer Classic

Ok…so I’ll post when I post.. (I can keep making promises that I will and then don’t…or I can be honest that I’m flakey when it comes to this..)


Why haven’t I been around?  Because I’ve been watching, listening and absorbing sooo much baseball.  Little League, AAA, and major league games that I really haven’t had the time.  I’m almost ready to get an I Pad just to get more productive while I’m out and about.


So we are now at the “honorary” mid point of the season.  The Reds just got swept by the Phillies in a 4 game series that had more extra innings in it than I ever care to see the rest of the season. 





This is something that I would have never guessed.  The little engine that could Reds are sitting in the drivers seat battling to keep it from the Cardinals.  As the first part of this season has went on people have been coming up to me asking “how about those Reds!” and I’ve been trying to tone them down a bit.  Remember a winning season is really still the goal.  We can all still dream of a 1st place season in September going into October, but if we don’t have it we still have a winning season.  A winning season is still better than what we’ve had over the last decade.


But what a first half…

Votto going on a consecutive hitting streak that almost made history

Leake coming in a rookie pitcher not to be messed with.

Stubbs and his 3 homer night at Wrigley

Rolen showing that he’s still got what it takes.

Gomes showing that you can still be tough and play baseball

And a quiet success story from Corky Miller


We’ve got a lot to be happy about in Reds Nation!

The question is when do we start looking at our pennant chances?

Do we pick up some fresh talent to assure we are ready for a fight in October?

When does Chapman come up?


Lots of questions…