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COBF: Hot Dog Monday

There’s someting about a good hot dog and baseball


So I’m sitting a DJ’s hot dog’s here in Indy, having what’s known as an Arizona Dog (Chili, Cheese, onion on a popyseed bun) with some crinkle fries. Looking out on a rainy March day, everyone else here in Indy is thinking about our old Quarterback (ok, so is most of the sports watching nation) and their brackets (ok, again so is most of the nation)

Me.. it’s all about baseball.

I’ve got my little league draft in less than 24hrs, I’m getting grumpy because I can’t find people to play fantasy baseball with (anyone know a league I can join?), and the Reds are doing fine in spring training.

What have we seen thanks to MLB at bat (since the regular channels haven’t started showing them..hint…hint) the last few days?

Votto is looking good, and is looking confident which is even better. Just keep it going Joey, and be nice to me and give us a discount to keep you a few more years after this one.

Phillips is being a media hound. Which is normal, I just hope he can keep it up while staying the gold glove guy that he is. He’s earned the right to do what he wants, so I’ll stop here.

I want to see more of our pickups from the off season. Latos and the other guy..

And Corky…I get it, he’s there as a supporting role…but man give this guy more playing time. This past weekend was just an example that he’s still got stuff left to do on the field.

What does that leave us? The rest of the cast who have been living up to expectations. I really am okay with the way things are going so far. Sure I wish we didn’t end up as a punching bag for some inning to the A’s and their new stars (Manny, and the guy who I would have to cut and paste to spell correctly…give that guy a nickname already) and I’m happy that Posey is doing okay for the Giants. I’m little disappointed it takes another team to get us airplay, but I’ll take whatever it takes.

What’s your thoughts?
What’s your favorite hot dog?


Pitcher’s and Catcher’s Suit Up!

That day every baseball fan marks on their calendar to let them know they need to start stretching and warming up for that marathon called the regular season. Spring Training is here…

I know I’ve done my finger exercises, as well as checked to see if I can indeed carry two alcoholic beverages while balancing a hotdog and nachos with one hand keeping the other one free for that possible foul ball that I’ve yet to catch.

I’ve taken the hit, and paid my dues for another year of MLB.tv, hoping they will get a clue that Indianapolis is not the baseball center of the midwest and we are not the viewing market for anyone.

I wait patiently for the MLB At bat 12 app to come out.

And I’m curious to see how baseball on my xbox will work.

So yes preparation has begun, now let’s hope that Matos, Madson, and the rest of the pitching staff is doing the same.

Using MLB2K10 To Do Some Spring Training Fortune Telling!

So I’ve been playing a lot of MLB2K10..

And I’ve seen a pattern with my MLB today games.  These are games where you
play the same game as what your team is going to play that day, and what I’ve
seen is when I lose there, they lose.  Win I win, they win. So I’m going to do a
prediction for today’s Diamondback’s game.

The Reds will lose today.

It won’t even be close sadly.  Maybe something like 7 to 2.

Brandon Phillips will either try to steal or at least slide into 2nd.


Joey Votto will have a double..



The Diamondback’s pitching will be awful and will give us the walks if we
want them in the beginning, but  their defense will be right on.




It’s almost 3 o’clock so let’s see what happens!

Soo Much Baseball Sooo Little Time!

Ever been truly frustrated at all the things you want to get done, but can’t
seem to find the time to complete.  That’s where I’m at.

I’ve got a fantasy league(s) to organize

I’ve got leagues I’m in that I’ve got to get my draft plan together

I’ve got spring training games to watch or listen to!

I’ve got MLB2K10 to

Mind you that includes 1 franchise team

3 online leagues

and MY fantasy career of playing for the Reds as their new
left fielder

These all take at least 30 minutes each per day.

Then of course, I have this blog to write.

And with Little League just around the corner…

Mind you that this doesn’t include my regular life activities (looking for
work, school, fiancé, son, friends, learning how to create I Phone Apps..the
list goes on and on)


I know it’s a hard life I lead..but rest assured I’ll make it work.


What are your favorite things to do to get into the baseball spirit?


Editor’s Note: To all my loyal readers I apologize for the long drought of articles between my last few and now.  Between getting ready for fantasy baseball season, getting ready for little league ball, work and family I just ran out of time.  I would rather give you something good to read or something to get steamed about than just sling something out just to say I did.  Thanks again, and now on with the show!

by Cob

The count down has come to an end,
and they boys of summer are back and there will be ball games to attend.
A spring training league usually named after a fruit
With a bunch of players trying to become the next big recruit.

It brings a tear to my eye to see the scoreboard come back to life on MLB.com
Brings back the memories of hot dogs that was brought  to me by some lady named mom.
So pack up the peanuts and a hidden flask of your favorite drink.
Because baseball is coming…coming much sooner than you think!

We’re t-minus 1hr and 10 mins from the first pitch at the time I write this blog.  I love baseball, don’t get me wrong, but today is the day.  It’s not really about the game today for me as it is the day of mental preparation.

The marathon starts today.

Eight months of baseball starts today
Six months of fantasy baseball starts today
Five months of little league baseball starts today (ok there’s a month of planning in there, but you get the point)

November through today is the rest break before the endurance challenge begins.  You spend Novemember saying thank god it’s over, how could THAT team ever win a World Series, and how the heck was I so fooled into think MY  team ever had a chance of anything in 2008.  You boycott baseball for a little bit.

Then comes the winter meetings

You start hearing news of new players joining your team, and maybe, just maybe they’ve fixed the issues that will make your team a contender this year.  Or in my case just hoping to break .500.  Yep this is where the fence begins to mend in  your mind.  You begin reading articles, listening to podcasts, and looking at stats again….all be it occasionally, definately not daily, but you do.

Then it happens

Weekly migrates to daily, a rant begins to form, you start going to sports bars at lunch just to see if there is anything good on.  You go to your teams winter caravan to tell your teams coach what the heck he’s doing wrong, but really your actually just happy to be around baseball friends it feels like Christmas all over again and your aggravation just melts away.

Now your craving baseball.

So much that your girl can’t stand to be around you because your even more obsessed than you were the weeks before.  Theres only one cure for this.