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Holy Information Super Highway Batman!

Disclaimer..This is not meant to be in any way deroggatory toward MLB, MLB.com, MLBlogs, TBS, or any other faction that may be involved in the Post Season.

Now that I have your attention and managed to get all my keywords in the first few lines…*grin*


I’m sitting here in my living room preping for tomorrow. (now today..I took a while to complete this one) You see here in Indiana the games will start around 2:30pm.  I have to decide how to go about this, you see MLB has given me too many options.

I’ve got regular TV with TBS

I’ve got mlb.com with TBS giving me gameday, audio, stats

I’ve got twitter, facebook, etc

I’ve got my I phone giving me post season updates, video updates, and audio

I’ve got the postseason website from MLB

and of course the blog.

So how do I possibly update, check, listen,blog, and more while really enjoying the game!

 I want to give MLB a round of applause for being the most interactive sport I know.  (Take that NFL!)

So tell me how you’re watching or emmersing yourself in the games this week?



You Guessed it We’re Joining The Twitter REVOLUTION BABY!!

In an effort to get on the Top 100 MLB blogs  and to stop getting beat by what’s nothing more than an ad for shoes that did make it on the top 100 fan sites.  Which is completely embarrassing!  Confessions of a Baseball fan has gone twitter!

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