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When Nothing Is A Good Thing

I’m happy to report that nothing surprising is going on.

Nothing at all…

We didn’t over compensate and spend millions that we didn’t need to.

We didn’t add names to the roster that are half in the bag and are heading to retirement.

We didn’t do anything, that any other team wouldn’t have done.

For once in a long time we’ve done nothing…and I’m happy about it.

We got our Left Fielder, Ryan’s Ludwick is not the best out there, but by far he’s not the worst and he’s proven that he should be on this team. I’ll happily cheer him on in 2013 as long as he stays healthy.

Joey Votto is working his way back to his old self according to the talks he’s had with other writers. I believe that, he’s not the kind of guy just to sit back during the off season and do nothing. He is working those legs and getting that knee back. The early 2013 season will be a real tell for him and he needs to be aware of it. Everyone watches how a player recoups from a major injury, it’s the sign of how he will do later in his career. So he needs for that power to be on display during the first half.


COBF: Hot Dog Monday

There’s someting about a good hot dog and baseball


So I’m sitting a DJ’s hot dog’s here in Indy, having what’s known as an Arizona Dog (Chili, Cheese, onion on a popyseed bun) with some crinkle fries. Looking out on a rainy March day, everyone else here in Indy is thinking about our old Quarterback (ok, so is most of the sports watching nation) and their brackets (ok, again so is most of the nation)

Me.. it’s all about baseball.

I’ve got my little league draft in less than 24hrs, I’m getting grumpy because I can’t find people to play fantasy baseball with (anyone know a league I can join?), and the Reds are doing fine in spring training.

What have we seen thanks to MLB at bat (since the regular channels haven’t started showing them..hint…hint) the last few days?

Votto is looking good, and is looking confident which is even better. Just keep it going Joey, and be nice to me and give us a discount to keep you a few more years after this one.

Phillips is being a media hound. Which is normal, I just hope he can keep it up while staying the gold glove guy that he is. He’s earned the right to do what he wants, so I’ll stop here.

I want to see more of our pickups from the off season. Latos and the other guy..

And Corky…I get it, he’s there as a supporting role…but man give this guy more playing time. This past weekend was just an example that he’s still got stuff left to do on the field.

What does that leave us? The rest of the cast who have been living up to expectations. I really am okay with the way things are going so far. Sure I wish we didn’t end up as a punching bag for some inning to the A’s and their new stars (Manny, and the guy who I would have to cut and paste to spell correctly…give that guy a nickname already) and I’m happy that Posey is doing okay for the Giants. I’m little disappointed it takes another team to get us airplay, but I’ll take whatever it takes.

What’s your thoughts?
What’s your favorite hot dog?

August 10th Revenge Of The Reds

Keeping it simple tonight as it’s time for me to go to bed.


Back to back homers from Joey and Jay!

And the double play machine of Renteria, Janish, and Votto makes me wonder where this team came from! We definitely need Phillips bat, but wow the defense was awesome.

And how do we talk about the way the game ended. Frazier doing a great block of the bag and a killer tag.

Good night all!

All Star Selection

Tomorrow is the All Star Selection show, last I checked the Reds had some chances for the team. My curiosity is how many survived the last minute voting. A lot of big market teams, with big market All Stars. My hopes are for the realistic players. Joey Votto with Albert on the DL sounds like his time to take the light for a bit. Brandon Phillips, I mean really he’s a human highlight reel. With Bruce I’m hopeful, but not realistic there is way too many good outfielders that it’s a real race.

I guess we will see tomorrow!

Welcome To The Mid Summer Classic

Ok…so I’ll post when I post.. (I can keep making promises that I will and then don’t…or I can be honest that I’m flakey when it comes to this..)


Why haven’t I been around?  Because I’ve been watching, listening and absorbing sooo much baseball.  Little League, AAA, and major league games that I really haven’t had the time.  I’m almost ready to get an I Pad just to get more productive while I’m out and about.


So we are now at the “honorary” mid point of the season.  The Reds just got swept by the Phillies in a 4 game series that had more extra innings in it than I ever care to see the rest of the season. 





This is something that I would have never guessed.  The little engine that could Reds are sitting in the drivers seat battling to keep it from the Cardinals.  As the first part of this season has went on people have been coming up to me asking “how about those Reds!” and I’ve been trying to tone them down a bit.  Remember a winning season is really still the goal.  We can all still dream of a 1st place season in September going into October, but if we don’t have it we still have a winning season.  A winning season is still better than what we’ve had over the last decade.


But what a first half…

Votto going on a consecutive hitting streak that almost made history

Leake coming in a rookie pitcher not to be messed with.

Stubbs and his 3 homer night at Wrigley

Rolen showing that he’s still got what it takes.

Gomes showing that you can still be tough and play baseball

And a quiet success story from Corky Miller


We’ve got a lot to be happy about in Reds Nation!

The question is when do we start looking at our pennant chances?

Do we pick up some fresh talent to assure we are ready for a fight in October?

When does Chapman come up?


Lots of questions…