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Welcome Willy..Welcome

Willy Taveras.jpg

I’m not a fan of the jersey your wearing in this picture Willy…There’s something not quite right about it….It’s missing color, tradition, you know something that one of the oldest ball clubs in baseball would have.  Not to mention look at that sad face.  Oh I can’t stand it any longer.



Isn’t that better?  Sure it is…Need a little more?  Look at that smile…Okay..Okay how about 6 million with another million in bonuses over the next two years?  Better?  Good deal…Hey that’s it, it was a GOOD DEAL.  Everyone gets something, we didn’t break the bank, he’s even giving some of it to charity!  The kids even win!  This is the way it should be!  You do have the right to be smiling.

I can’t wait to see if we do something else with free agents this off season, but if we do I hope it’s as good as this move and the Hernandez move.  It really seems like we have our heads in the right place going into this new season.


2009 Reds Are Begining to Show Some Speed with Taveras

Pop quiz
1. Who led the majors in stolen bases last year?

2. Who did the Reds just sign to a two year contract?

Answer: Willy Taveras!

Willy Taveras.jpg

Willy…Willy…Willy.. Thank You!
Your making this Reds fan very happy.  If you are the begining of Walts plan to bring back the offensive speed game back to baseball I’m happy to see he picked up someone who can actually do it.  This team is young, and if we can pick up the title of fast too it would be all the better.

Now Walt…if your reading this…which I know you are…the fans are behind this one, but don’t think we’ve forgotten about everything else that’s on the table. 

We still need Jerry Hairston Jr

Jerry Hairston Jr.jpgHe can be our man in left field, I’m not a huge Dickerson fan I’ll admit.  We have room for Dickerson on the bench, so please tell me Walt that you haven’t blown our budget on Taveras.  If that was the plan loosen up the purse strings a bit Walt you’re going the right way just keep going!

Bruce in right, Taveras in center, Hairston in left.  That makes an outfield I can be proud of.  With a little work on the infield it will be a whole new ball game for the reds.

Tell me what you think?