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Are We There Yet?


*Alarm buzzes*

baseballAlarmClock.jpgWhat time is it?





Holy crap it’s February 11th!  Ok….ok…ok lots to do, things to prep!  Baseball starts in a week!


So here we are, the long off season is just about over and where I said before that the Reds needed to get moving on making trades and changes even though the owners were saying that wasn’t going to happen.  Well Walt surprised us.  Let’s see some of the highlights both good and bad.

I’m a pessimist so let’s start off with the bad.

1.       No more Rosales

Yep… That’s pretty much it.

Ok now with the good.

1.       Orlando Cabrera :  As reported by the fantasy news on MLB At no point in his career has Cabrera been a top-tier shortstop, but few have been able to match him for consistency. The veteran journeyman will always play a full slate of games, bat around .280, score at least 80 runs and collect a fistful of steals.”

I don’t think I could have said it better myself.  After our time with all stars that fail to produce a man known for his consistency is exactly what this team needs.  He’s a strong defensive player with a batting average that plays with .300.  So for a team with one of the worst offenses in baseball this is good news.

2.       Aroldis Chapman:  He is the 30 million dollar mystery man.  Was he a great addition, an awesome addition for the future or a grave mistake?  No one knows.  What I do know is that it took some guts for us to go out there and get him.  For now that tells me we are not laying down this season, and that’s a good thing.

3.       Willy Taveras: (he’s not even worth linking) WE GOT RID OF HIM!!!  And good riddance.  We didn’t come out clean of scars from what was supposed to be a great leadoff hitter and the leader of our new small ball, young and fresh team with steals on the brain.  We lost Rosales and we picked up Aaron Miles . He’s going to have to prove his worth or I’m going to stay on the bandwagon I started on.  Which was to dump him quick!  Why? 

a.       `He’s a Cub

b.      There’s nothing stat wise that is better than Willy, and well that’s not good.

c.       He’s on the rebound from a horrible year, overachievers never do well coming to Cincy to reclaim what they lost.   Also I don’t like the reputation of this being the place you go when you are trying to find yourself again.  We don’t need it.

Who was the real winner in this?

                Walt Jocketty.

How are why?  Simple, the fans were getting restless and another year like the last few and attendance was going to go down.  The battle was on and this year is either going to be the year the Reds have a positive .500 season or something big was going to have to change.  Be it Walt or Baker.  Walt knew it and has put his best foot forward.  This puts everything back into Dusty’s hands to make it happen.  If he doesn’t and if it can be pinned on him I could see this being one of his last years as a Red.  So 2010 is the year he has skin in the game.  This should be interesting.



Gomes…Taveras…Nix…Now We Have a Reds Reality Show

The off season is getting ready for full swing, and after reading the articles and twitter the stove is hot asking questions about these three guys.


Jonny Gomes: What’s not to like he’s rough, he hits ok, he had a good HR year with 20 and  he’s not a bad left fielder (okay he’s not great, but he is good) ok so maybe there are a few things not to like.  But how much better do we really have?  Arbitraition?  Hmmm…don’t know what do you think?

Willy Taveras: What’s to like? The Reds will drop 4 million (one of the highest paid players on the team) and thus far we haven’t gotten what we’ve paid for from last years investment.  I know it’s not the MLB way, but we you have the season Willy did I really think the player should want to drop his salary down into the basement to assure his spot in the lineup so that he can fix his image and his stats.  Mark Sheldon says “He’s rather one dimensional in that he only plays center field, has no power for any quick offensive boost, doesn’t bunt well, doesn’t play great defense and he doesn’t excel at getting on base. Although Taveras is certainly a good person, I also can’t see him being a happy clubhouse presence as a reserve player”  What I hope for is that he comes in and blows our socks off, but most are telling me not to hold my breath.

Laynce Nix: Everyone is pointing toward the fact that he’s the closest to the door, not saying he’s out it yet but almost.  He’s one I really actually want us to keep.  I think 29 is a bit old for our rebuilding idea, but I just feel he is the power that we’re missing.


Live Blogging After 6th on 4-8 Reds vs Mets

Ever have anyone blog a game midway through?

Well now you have.

It’s the top of the 6th and here I am!

So I’ve been watching the game as a whole for most part.  Done some work here and there so I can’t say I’ve watched every pitch,but is it me or did Vouquez seem a little rusty?



In the first the Mets Carlos Delgado hits a homer…bad for the Reds, good for my fantasy team.

Then we say..Oh YEAH  and Joey Votto gives us a 3 run homer to take the lead, good for the Reds, not for my fantasy team (you can thank me later!)


Then in the 2nd

Pelfry does something we don’t see and balks

The rest seems to be the basic manufacturing of runs for the rest of scoring which brought the score to 4-5 Mets.

In another oddity we had a double steal attempt by the Reds in the bottom of the 5th trying to tie up the game.

So bouncing around I know..

We are seeing a lot of strange steal attempts from both the Reds and Mets


So now I’m watching the Met’s walk Reds after Reds here in the 6th.

I’m watching Darnell McDonald and I have to admit I don’t know him as he slow grounds out the inning.

I watched him and others during opening day and didn’t seem to see the electricity I was hoping to see from Reds fans on an opening day.

Moving into the 7th

Mike Lincoln takes to pitching

 I have to admit I’ve never seen s straight drop curve ball like his, it’s hard to hit and get a read on.

With only 1 rund down this game is still close enough even without the homer generating team the Reds once were to come back, but we’ve got to keep the Met’s at bay here.

No sooner than I say this and Delgado hits and allows Wright to score..

Any help here would be nice…we’re now down by two. 

6 walks today…sigh

Bases loaded for some guy named Schnieder who of course has a history of hitting homers against Lincoln according the announcer.  What does he do…hits in 3 runs

that makes the score 9 mets reds 4.

Watching Dusty I’m thinking he’s about to kick some butt, or at least have to buy a new hat for as many times as hes thrown it.  LOL

Bottom of the 7th..here we go…

New Pitcher for the Mets

Chris Dickerson is batting….does he have a white bat?  Who has a white bat?

I like his stance, and he’s good at picking his pitch thus far.

and he’s out swiinging.

Joey Votto’s back up.

He doesn’t seem to have a special style when he hits, but I do like the point that he indeed can swing the mechanics of hitting well.  Good single.

Go Brandon!!

Brandon I think is about as close as we get to a home run hitter nowadays.

Votto’s currently leading in HR’s, but it’s still Phillips as he hits a single and we’re to the corners with Votto on 3rd and Phillips on 1st.

Bruce is up.

Big bat, Votto scores!  But slow butt Phillips can’t pull 2nd, but we save a guy for 1st.

Walked Encarnacion, and now we’re on 1st and 2nd

Green comes in to pitch for the Mets.

 1st pitch and Hernandez hits the right field wall!  Yes! Score 6-9  Thank you my new catcher..thank you, thank you.

But that’s all we get for this inning.

Top of the 8th here we go.

Jared Burton?  Barely know this guy, I’m listening to the announcers listening to them talk about him being a rule 5 pick and injury prone.  Why did we keep him?  Big slider pitcher so far. 

Random thought: I love McRibs

Going to the bottom of the 8th still 9-6.

Looks like we may actually see Taveras hit.

Let’s see how he does, supposively had the flu as of late, this was just a push due to a need for a pinch hitter. Which mind you he isn’t a solid batting avg.

He’s just watching pitches, as the announcers go through a list of his injuries.

Good hit! To the wall!  He goes for a triple!  Ok so he’s not so bad…

Now Dickerson up to bat.  Pop fly, but it gets Taveras in as a tag up.

Good job Willy!

Now Votto…out

Welcome to the 9th

 Here come Arthur Rhodes pitching for the Reds…Can we hold them?

You really should go to


It’s kinda funny really.

Inning goes 1,2,3.

Bottom of the 9th here we come, only down by 2!

Come on Reds!

Francisco Rodriguez pitches for the Mets.

Wild pitch

He tried to hit Phillips

Bruce on Deck.

Walked Phillips, and now the man with the plan BRRRRRRUUUUUCE!

inside, ball 1

low, ball 2

come on….

strike 1

Ball 3

Are they going to walk him?

pop up, darn it, but it’s only 1 out.

Edwin’s up

I think they’ll walk Edwin…Delgado takes his foot off the bag!  he’s safe and now we’ve got the corners!  As Phillips steals 3rd (which he shouldn’t have done)

Rodrigez just walked Hernandez.  Bases loaded, 1 out.  Avoid double play guys!!!

Rodrigez is throwing wild..come on!!

2-0…baby, and finally a strike, and strike 2.

Here it comes…

full count

strike out.

Nix is up, new guy to me.  This has turned into a close one with bases loaded.

Come on crowd chant for goodness sake!

Pop out…but it was close

So we lose, something that we don’t do at home all that often, and we fought it out tonight unlike opening day.  I’ll take it.  Losing a game with the bases loaded and every oppertunity to take it.   Okay then, good night.












Put Me In Coach! Reds Center Field Dickerson and Taveras

And welcome back to Put Me In Coach!

The articles that talk about the individual instead of just the team as a whole, because after all there is no “I” in team, but there is “me”…like that one…yeah let’s try again.

There is no “I” in team, but there is one in “win” and that’s what we’re trying to do!

Okay skip it.

 So let’s get to our stars…
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ChrisDickerson.JPG

You see unlike you so called “professional” bloggers I don’t only write the articles I take the pictures as well  ha!  (ok next time I’ll use a better picture I promise..it was short notice…really)

What can I say about Chris?  So far…I like him!  He’s brought an unexpected bat as he’s hit a couple homers in spring training.  At least it was unexpected to me.  When I met him in January he was very nice, and as far as I can tell he will fit in well.  Now he does have a problem though, he’s currently in the line up for a position that we’ve paid a lot of money for someone else to play, that being Willy Taveras (more on him later, and the term a lot of money is based on money the Reds pay for a player not so much in comparison to some pinstripe wearing individuals from New York  but back to Dickerson, he’s bringing a good bat to the team. The good news is there could be some space for him in left field.  This is his first major league season, and his stats from the minors show an average player with 14 hr, and 30 steals, but his first couple at bats here in spring training definately show he’s ready to play in the bigs.  This is a story of we will wait and see.

on the other hand…

We have Willy.

Willy was our big winter pick up, a player setup to be one of the leading base stealing machines of this year, good experience, stong background in baseball, did wonders for the teams he was on when that one special special thing happened.

He gets on base.

You see Willy has a problem and his first run during spring training hasn’t shown quiet yet that the change of venue has fixed the problem.  Willy can’t hit.  If he can make a career out of being a pinch runner I think life would be grand for Willy, but that doesn’t happen too often.  He is the center piece of our small ball, hit and run goal for 2009 and as of yet he hasn’t been really able to show it off.  Is this something he can overcome?  Is this something that a good hitting coach can resolve?  Dusty thinks so, and I’m not to the point to doubt his judgement on this one, because as wel all know he listens to me.  (laughs) He’s quoting that his goal is 100 steals for 2009, an impressive number and is possible for him if he stays healthy, which I don’t believe there are any signs of that being an issue for this year. 

On a personal note, Dickerson doesn’t make my fantasy list, but Taveras certainly does later on in the draft as good lock for those steals, so for those apart of our MLB Blogger’s Fantasy league….hands off!

Welcome Willy..Welcome

Willy Taveras.jpg

I’m not a fan of the jersey your wearing in this picture Willy…There’s something not quite right about it….It’s missing color, tradition, you know something that one of the oldest ball clubs in baseball would have.  Not to mention look at that sad face.  Oh I can’t stand it any longer.



Isn’t that better?  Sure it is…Need a little more?  Look at that smile…Okay..Okay how about 6 million with another million in bonuses over the next two years?  Better?  Good deal…Hey that’s it, it was a GOOD DEAL.  Everyone gets something, we didn’t break the bank, he’s even giving some of it to charity!  The kids even win!  This is the way it should be!  You do have the right to be smiling.

I can’t wait to see if we do something else with free agents this off season, but if we do I hope it’s as good as this move and the Hernandez move.  It really seems like we have our heads in the right place going into this new season.

Hairston…Hairston…Hairston or can I call you..I would but you’d have to answer the phone!

A new article on the main reds website brings up that Jerry Hairston Jr., Rocco Baldelli and Willy Taveras are all leading candidates to be in the Reds outfield.  The article goes on that where the obvious pick would be Hairston, the guy Hasn’t returned the phone calls! I’m sorry Jerry, what do you think you have out there that isn’t happening with the Reds?  As far as our front office, I have to say WTF are you doing looking at these other guys?

Look at the Cards:
Jerry Hairston Jr
Jerry Hairston Jr.jpg
Batting: 326 (leader of the 3, and we need bats bad)
HR: 6 (again still leading the 3)
RBI: 36 (again….still leading the 3, he can hold it up under pressure)
SB: 15 (ok, he comes in 2nd.  Taveras gets this one in spades…I’ll give him this one)

Rocco Baldelli
Rocco Baldelli.jpg

Batting: 263 (Not bad considering all he’s went through)
HR: 4 (We’re looking for a hitter, this isn’t a hitter’s number)
RBI: 13 (what is this?)
SB: 0  (That’s right nada)

So what are we doing here?  We want someone who’s seen a World Series is that it?  I’m sure he’ll get better, but we’re not in a position to wait and see.  We’ve been waiting since the 90’s!

Willy Taveras
Willy Taveras.jpg
Batting: 251 (Too low)
HR: 1 (I think anyone we pick up is going to beat this number)
RBI: 26 (Good, but not the greatest)
SB: 68 (Now that’s a number..do we need a base stealer, you bet.  Do we need that guy to be an outfielder.  You know that place you put your sluggers…no…no..no…Unless it’s center field, but we’ve got a few guys already on the bench for that position don’t we?)

So say Hairston comes to the table with some huge number that the Reds simply won’t pay (and yes the word is won’t, not can’t) where do I think we should go?  Well of these 3 Willy’s on deck.  If we did this it would mean some more restructuring of the team to really look for the constant hitters to put in front of him so that we can use that speed.  This is something we don’t have now in my opinion so that would increase our ever growing statement of “This is going to be a year of rebuilding” that I hate sooo much.

Tell me what you think…I think I’m going to write Walt an email that says “pay the man..”