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So How Much Money Should I Save For Championship or World Series Tickets?

It’s that time of year again loyal readers..

Spring training is a short sprint away.

All the winter trades are almost complete..

You are either sitting there saying “Yeah the Reds are going for it, and they look like this could be the year” or you’re saying “Walt just sold the future for a dream of today, I wander what I should do instead of watching this train wreck”

Call me someone who has turned over a new leaf..I’m optimistic.

Yeah I’m not a fan of the cost of the trades we did, but we did them and now we have to make sure they pay off. I’m ready for a good season!

So what’s a good season?

Not coming in last? No, the central got worse over the winter not better. We got better, not worse. Anything other than 1st or 2nd in the division is tragic.

Wild card spot? Ok, let be realistic I’d wouldn’t turn in my fan card if we just made it to a wildcard spot.

NLCS: Yes, that’s the short term goal. I’ll put some money away for those tickets, but that’s just when the party starts right?

NL Champs: Yes, going to the World Series. That’s it. That’s the goal. If we are over .500 come all star break I might be looking at my 401k for ticket assistance, but it maybe a once in a lifetime chance right?


So Old Friends…We’re Back To Where We All Began

So here we are.


The end of a season, the begining of the search for next season.  The quest for the next story or bit of info that puts the spark back into us that this is the year for our respective teams.


But before we go there…

Let’s swallow our pride and spend some time looking over last year’s season (yes it’s now that…sorry the honeymoon is over) Let’s start at the most recent past and work our way back.


So we start with our Champs…The New York “Freaking” Yankees

Where to start, well no better place than to start with it’s MVP

Hideki Matsui.jpg

Hideki “I can’t believe I’m going to say it but, Godzilla!” Matsui.  Short run down for those who don’t know him.

Born in Neagari, Ishikawa, Japan.

Played a decade of Japanese pro ball before coming to the Yankees.  Where he did really well, has a few MVP trophies.  The stuff you would expect…

2003 he came to the states where most of you know him, signed on for a modest 52 million. *cough*

Became the first Japanese player to hit 100 home runs, which I don’t know why that’s important, it’s not like ethnic background makes it easier or harder to hit homers, but some may find it interresting.

And that brings us to where we are now.  He’s the MVP. 

I could go into a lot more detail, but really that’s all you honestly need.  He’s exactly what a DH should be.  Sure I wish he could speak English or at least try, but hey good luck teaching me Japanese so I guess I can’t really throw stones.


 How does Cob feel about the Yankees as a whole?  I’ll admit their marketing campaign has worked on me.  I love to hate them.  I honestly watched the begining of the World Series with an open mind and heart.  I wanted, get that wanted to be a  Yankees fan, but as I watched and listened, and learned about the Yankees I just couldn’t keep it up.  Do I believe there should be a salary cap in baseball…no.  Do I think that some of the smaller market teams should get a little more of the overall baseball revenue than they do.  You bet.

So congrats to the MVP and Yankees for a great run, but if you’re a fan of reading the news you already know that it’s time to think about tomorrow.


So Post Season Is Upon Us..

So readers, Reds fans, bloggers, random people searching the net…Who should I put my foam fan finger on for this post season?  Who’s deserving of a World Series championship?  I see the Yankees and making their way, with the Sox hoping for some wild card miracle.


I see the Cubs praying that the curse doesn’t find them again as they keep their wild card hopes alive.


So who, is it?


Time to start the research and reading the commentary to find out who truly is deserving of the ring.