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So Old Friends…We’re Back To Where We All Began

So here we are.


The end of a season, the begining of the search for next season.  The quest for the next story or bit of info that puts the spark back into us that this is the year for our respective teams.


But before we go there…

Let’s swallow our pride and spend some time looking over last year’s season (yes it’s now that…sorry the honeymoon is over) Let’s start at the most recent past and work our way back.


So we start with our Champs…The New York “Freaking” Yankees

Where to start, well no better place than to start with it’s MVP

Hideki Matsui.jpg

Hideki “I can’t believe I’m going to say it but, Godzilla!” Matsui.  Short run down for those who don’t know him.

Born in Neagari, Ishikawa, Japan.

Played a decade of Japanese pro ball before coming to the Yankees.  Where he did really well, has a few MVP trophies.  The stuff you would expect…

2003 he came to the states where most of you know him, signed on for a modest 52 million. *cough*

Became the first Japanese player to hit 100 home runs, which I don’t know why that’s important, it’s not like ethnic background makes it easier or harder to hit homers, but some may find it interresting.

And that brings us to where we are now.  He’s the MVP. 

I could go into a lot more detail, but really that’s all you honestly need.  He’s exactly what a DH should be.  Sure I wish he could speak English or at least try, but hey good luck teaching me Japanese so I guess I can’t really throw stones.


 How does Cob feel about the Yankees as a whole?  I’ll admit their marketing campaign has worked on me.  I love to hate them.  I honestly watched the begining of the World Series with an open mind and heart.  I wanted, get that wanted to be a  Yankees fan, but as I watched and listened, and learned about the Yankees I just couldn’t keep it up.  Do I believe there should be a salary cap in baseball…no.  Do I think that some of the smaller market teams should get a little more of the overall baseball revenue than they do.  You bet.

So congrats to the MVP and Yankees for a great run, but if you’re a fan of reading the news you already know that it’s time to think about tomorrow.



Twins Vs Yankees Post Season Game 1

Here comes game 2 of the night!

Twins @ Yankees.

I’m sure I’ll be looking at some heat from Jane during this entry.  So I’ll be smart and not post it till I’m ready for the heat.

I mean really do you want this chick mad at you?


I mean this is a lady who lives in CA, that has at least two teams in the run, but she’s still a Yankee fan.  I’m not saying she’s got mob connections, but this is a lady who has an online spokes person talk for her.  I call it a good source of deniability.

Of course I’m kidding, I actually don’t know her well enough to even make these jokes….

*knock at my door*

Who is it?…I don’t know anyone named Louie.

Okay, okay enough free press for Jane. Now to the game.


mobster.jpgAt least that’s what Louie told me, and do you argue with a guy who looks like this?  No..No..No…


We’re moving into the 2nd inning and CC is doing what he does best, shutting down hitters.  I’ll admit I haven’t paid to much attention to CC this year.  I watched him when he was on the other side with the Brewers, but not him with the Yankees.  What do you think of him?  He just completed his 4th strike out as I was writing this.

What I’m worried about while watching the Yankees defense is that their outfielders (in particular center field) doesn’t seem all that quick.  CC will keep them busy, but the Twins can and will hit, so if they can’t keep the defense up they will be in trouble.  Of course as I write this the Yanks just cut down the last player and we’re moving to the bottom of the 2nd.

I’m going to twitter a bit and let you guys catch up.  Give me some comments to work with! 



Ok so I took time to eat and spend time with my wonderful wife to be…sue me..

It’s the top of the 8th.

I’ve managed to cook dinner and not burn myself while watching and listening to the game.  Julia  reminded me that mexican food is good.  Okay she really didn’t have to remind me, but she had tacos last night that she didn’t share with me for some bad reason like we live in different parts of the country…  In that time the Twins managed to score, but the Yanks well…they scored more 2 to 7.  Two homers by Matsui and and Jeter show where some of the points came from.

Why are the Yanks going through pitchers like this is some audition?  They’re working on a third pitcher to finally get to Joba.  Joba then gets the last batter out to end this half, moving on to the Twins defensively. 

Which went quick, here comes the 9th

Twins are tired.  They didn’t get in till 4:30am, that has to be it.  I expect the Yankees to win, but not like this.  That’s just the thought that keeps going through my head while watching this.

And goodbye Joba.  What was that like 3 pitches?

I have noticed that Yankees are giving away game balls like crazy, but I guess if you’re paying as much as you are for those seats I would imagine they all deserve a ball.

Twins are not going down easy putting guys on 1st and 3rd.  Rivera is letting the guys have a little light before the game is done.

Funny note, the camera man tripped while taping the congrats hi fives.

So in Summary I don’t know.  My guts tell me to say watch out Yanks because the Twins will be coming back to get you tons harder than tonight.


I don’t know if it will be enough, the Yankees are a force to be recognized.

MVP by Cob: Jeter






What Can You Take Away From Spring Training Games?

When I was a Reds fan before I didn’t pay attention to baseball till the season started.  The fact that their was 33 games before the season started in the fruit league didn’t seem to be a high priority for me to pay attention to.

Today however, with a new found love of a baseball, a team with a ton of new talent and emerging talent I find myself listening to the games on radio as much as possible.  With four games already done I was impressed with our outing against the Rays, not so much against the Sox, okay against the Phillies, and now were battling it out with the Yankees as we speak with 9 of our best heading out the the baseball classic.  So my question is strictly fan based.

What are we supposed to take away from these games?

On may occasions over the last week I’ve seen them make sweeping changes to the roster all in an effort to get people to game time.  Does the win or lost really mean anything to us?  Or is it really about getting in some game time against another high caliber team?

What ever the answer is I’m glad to listen to game regardless and get a feel for what we have as far as guys for the upcoming season.

Put Me In Coach! Reds Left Field Norris Hopper…Maybe

Our next in the series Put Me In Coach!

The Reds left field is a mysterious place, the kind of place where people appear and disappear without notice or warning.  There is one man who stands tall in the face of this mysterious place.  He has no fears of being taken in by the darkness.  His name is Norris Hopper

Norris Hopper Bio.jpgTheres not a lot about him that we know which I guess adds to his mysterious ways.  What I can say is that he has a temper it seems as he has gotten ejected from games against San Fransisco Giants.  When he’s not injured his batting average is top notch, over all this is someone the Reds can really use.  It seems that for 09 we’ll use him in a reserve role to back up who ever we get during free agency for the position.

His predecessor Adam Dunn is one of the most notorious Reds player’s in some time.  Stats wise he’s a gem in many, many ways, but watching him play is a whole other story.  He’s a defensive line football player in a baseball uniform.  No speed, all or nothing power, and a “it’s all about me” personality that just doesn’t work in baseball.  Which is why in 09 his free agent report is so messed up.  Everyone wants his bat, but no one wants to deal with him.

HairstonJr.jpgIn 09 the Reds are still looking to see who’s going to be in left field.  My best guess would be Jerry Hairston Jr

We could go big with a player like Bobby Abreu, Bobby Abreu.jpg but I can’t honestly see the
Reds pay for someone who was ever a Yankee.  His numbers look good and a seasoned player would be a nice addition.  Consistancy is a nice thing, and with stats strong with doubles he would make a could follow up to Taveras in the batting order.

Pat Burrell.jpgWhile we’re dreaming, Pat Burrell who just signed would have been a good choice with his bat and his defense he would be a great add out to our young team.  I mean 33 HR and 86 RBI’s says it all.  Put him behind Taveras to make sure he never is waiting for the time to run, but in fact is always running.

The Reds in 09 are going to be different than years in the past, I remain optimistic that a winning season may be in our near future, but don’t we all say that at the beginning of a season?

Tell  me about your team’s off season.  Do you see your team making a pennant run, or would just be happy to see something over .500?