Daily Fantasy Sports Hype or Is it Really Taking Sports by Storm?

Jury is still out with me on if daily fantasy sports (DFS) is just a gateway drug for fantasy sports players into regular gambling. If I put my conspiracy hat one I’d spin a tale of how DFS was Vegas’s way of diversifying the portfolio and getting some action to the parts of the country that won’t travel to one of the gambling Mecca’s.  The benefit of calling a game instead of a gambling, which that legal distinction is a real eye roller. In it’s defense I can say the experience is different,  they tickle my competitive bones differently.  The … Continue reading Daily Fantasy Sports Hype or Is it Really Taking Sports by Storm?

Life Lessons Baseball Taught Me

I have those things… Those things that I’m not sure what came first. Did I know that everything I do will be wrapped up in a baseball metaphor or did it just happen that way? When I was a kid in the 80’s, before CD’s just as video games started to explode, MTV actually showed music videos. You know the 80’s. I had what I think was a pretty solid balance of playing sports on teams and with the neighborhood kids, outdoor play, and eventual indoor play consisting of video games, cartoons, and figuring out what a computer was. Things … Continue reading Life Lessons Baseball Taught Me

Good Resources: Trading Bases by Joe Peta

Sometimes it’s good to read or listen to some others thoughts and get out of your own headspace a bit. So from time to time I’ll write a horrible, make my grade school teachers cry book report style post on what I’m reading or listening to lately. So I’m one of those people that thinks he’s got plenty of time to read and learn new things. I’m not. It’s a lie I tell myself to feel better and try to achieve a higher standard. So I compromise and get audio books from audible.com, and as much as I’d like to … Continue reading Good Resources: Trading Bases by Joe Peta

Week 1 Of Reds Spring Training

So this is going to sound horrible of me, I haven’t watched a game yet. I’m still warming up to the routine and building out some other things around baseball so my time has been mostly family, research and work. I have listened to a few hours of play by play and kept up with what I could on twitter and articles written by our literary leader Mark Sheldon. Here’s the highlights from this untrained eye to yours. Boxscore Review 3 wins and 3 losses – some would say bad, I say good as we are typically sub .500 in … Continue reading Week 1 Of Reds Spring Training

Is There Room For Blogs Anymore? Did Video Blogs Take The Space?

So I’m sitting on my couch, wrapped up in a Reds Snuggie my wife made me a few years back reflecting on the progress of technology and blogging. We lost our internet yesterday and AT&T can’t be bothered till Monday to come out and look at it. Guess Sunday’s still are a day of rest. So I started my first blog in the 90’s as a tribute to watching Doogie Howser MD. It wasn’t really a blog so much than a text document written and then posted on a BBS for any of the 100 people who belonged to it … Continue reading Is There Room For Blogs Anymore? Did Video Blogs Take The Space?

What Goes Into A Good Man Cave or Den?

So “I have a den” when I use the words “I have” and “den” this should be preference with the fact that I also have three kids, a wife, and two dogs and the den is on the main level, has no doors and has two main through fairs that attach it to the house being the living room and the dining room. So I use the term “I have a den” loosely…. What I really should say is I have a space in the house that has a wood finish about the size of a small bedroom with bookshelves … Continue reading What Goes Into A Good Man Cave or Den?

Spring Training Games Start Today!

Ahhh Spring training games. The most wonderful and most meaningless games in professional sports. I’m at complete odds with myself when it comes to these breaking the rules when it’s conveniet games that happen in late February and early March. It’s the sign that the winter is wrapping up, baseball season is really, really close, and I can finally get my routine back that I need so very badly to get through my day. However spring training is a farce…it’s like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny It’s a marketing tool used to get some ad sales, bring baseball to … Continue reading Spring Training Games Start Today!

Builders and Modelers… WTF…

Lessons learned on the difference between builders and modelers. So I’ve been playing DFS off and on since 2015. I say off and on because the cycle up until 2019 was start the baseball season, put $100 in, lose that $100 over 3 months playing daily and quit. Then have some random luck with a sporadic games in NFL that would give me enough money that I didn’t want to abandon it so I add more to get up to $100 and play baseball again. 2019 that changed, a couple buddies made a pact to play DFS on Draft kings … Continue reading Builders and Modelers… WTF…

Spring Training Is Here!

The boys have found the field in Arizona. The media teams are hard at work so I’m not going to rehash what you can find everywhere else. Those guys and gals do a great job covering the bases. I’ll focus on the Reds for the most part, as they are the team I watch and listen to regularly. That’s not to say I won’t throw in some details from other teams. If you have something you’d like to see more of or different I’m happy to modify so feel free to get in contact with me. While I’m still working … Continue reading Spring Training Is Here!

MLB.TV Best of the Best For Now

Sounds like the beginning of a mystery or blog post that’s going to bash mlb.tv for 500+ words. In both cases it is only partially true. I have been a paying member of the mlb.tv user base since year one. I bought in when it wasn’t cool and definitely buggy. Being an early adopter to tech and a lover of baseball I could look beyond that and see what it could be and where it was already bleeding edge. There was nothing more impressive to me in those first few years than watching a quad screen of games and having … Continue reading MLB.TV Best of the Best For Now